vendredi 20 mai 2011

Birthday and giveaway

I cannot beleive a whole month went by since my last post. I do apologize for such long silence, i do hope some of you did not think i was kidnapped by some E.T. fellows.No, no! I am still here ! I know i do not have many excuses even if  i was so busy with my sewing and family matters, All of us have busy schedules and many of you, wonderful ladies, find time to take care of your lovely blogs So i am bending on my knees and ask for your forgiveness...No? this is not enough ?.............ok......Let's say...What if i make a giveaway? will you guys forgive me ? Peleaaaaaazzzzzzz ? .....Still pouting eh?...hum....You know what ? tomorrow is my birthday and since i am so spoiled rotten, hubby and daughter Maude ( Anne is gone on a stage for her coast guard summer job ) are going to sing me " Happy birthday " tonight ! And i am not really sure what hubby is up to, but he's been hiding something in his "atelier " and ordered me not to go peek. Every day of this week, as he returned from work, he would run down in the basement. I tried to listen...But silence. o_o.... What is he up to ? I have a clue, but i may be wrong, so i will let you know next week.
Now! we are up for some serious matters. This giveaway thing is for real. Since it is my birthday tomorrow, i thought to myself " what better way to celebrate than to make a giveaway ? and maybe get achance to be forgiven ? "

I am actually working on this bunting. It is not quite finished as you can see and i thought this would make the perfect summer giveaway. What do you think ? If you wish to win, simply leave me a nice forgiving comment and i will announce the name of the lucky lady next friday.
Now i must go packing 'cause tomorrow morning we are going sailing for the week end. ( that is the real reason why hubby wanted to celebrate my birthday tonight ) 
But i am still spoiled rotten. 
Wishing you a most wonderful sunny week end ♥

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andrea creates a dit…

with bunting so cute-you are forgiven ;)
can't wait to hear about what your hubbies been working on!
~have a super super lovely birthday~
best wishes and have a great weekend :)

salty pebble a dit…

awww lovely to see you back, sometimes the creative hands need a little rest from blogging dont they? ;0)x thats really summery- colourful bunting- beautiful xxxx

moonflower a dit…


S and O a dit…

Those party flags are sooo cute!
I love the colors :)

Mattydolls a dit…

Happy Birthday Monique!!
I know..I haven't blogged in awhile busy!
Have a great weekend!

Thedarkerside73 a dit…


Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog.

What lovely bunting you have there. Just loving your handmade dollies. I am hoping to get back into making mine again. Its just a matter of tackling that old enemy procrastination! lol.

Lovely to find another gorgeous blog shall be back to visit.


bears footprints a dit…

you are not alone i have been a little lack lately but i would love some summer bunting as i holding a stall soon so that would be just the ticket, if i win, you will never know x x

bears footprints a dit…

ps happy birthday for tommorrow x

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

That is one ADORABLE Summery bunting, sweet Monique. De sweet soft colors are lovely and the combination of gingham + roses is beautiful!
I am wishing you a early happy birthday already but I will give a the real birthday hug tomorrow ;)
Lots of love o xx o

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea a dit…

What a lovely little apology! I love the fabric you chose, all is forgivin!


Happy birthday darling girl x

Anonyme a dit…

this would be a great bunting for our new home. beautyful! Happy birthday!

winterludes a dit…

bon anniversaire. c'est chouette de te relire. bien sur que non on ne t'avait pas oubliée. on se demandait juste si il ne t'était pas arrivé la même chose qu'à la maîtresse de ma fille; les enfants disent qu'elle a dû être mordue par un loup —dans paris!— car ils sont sans nouvelles depuis un mois…

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Today is D day, Today is D day yahoo yahoo.
How is YOUR day so far sweet birthday girl? I hope you are having fun fun fun and enjoying every minute to the fullest! Still many more hours to go.
Lots and lots of love o xx o xx o

moonstruckcreations a dit…

Happy Birthday to you! Hope it is absolutely fabulous!

The bunting looks adorable, and would be just the thing to have in my garden for my daughters birthday get together! So please enter me into the giveaway!

Enjoy the weekend, Helenxx

Christy a dit…

Happy birthday Monique! Sending you lots of good wishes on your special day!

woodandfabric a dit…

Magnifique giveaway! Et Bonne Fête en retard!
Michelle *Ü*

isabel f. a dit…

and here I am :))))
happy belated birthday!!
wish you a great year!

Happybee a dit…

those are sooooo cute!!!!!!
Happy birthday!!!!

Unknown a dit…

I wanted to stop by and say I saw your publication in Prims! I'm so proud to own some of your work fellow Canadian! Congrats and Happy Belated Birthday!!

Sandy xox

fée un voeu a dit…

I am late to wish you a happy birthday
but I hope you had a great time !

Anonyme a dit…

Que lindo