mardi 24 mai 2011

Birthday gift

I knew hubby was up to something, 'cause he kept running down to his own " atelier " every day as he came back  from work. There was even a chair in front of the closed door to keep me from peeking.. Could not help but smile. As though a chair would keep me from opening the door. But i love surprises, so i did not peek, i waited patiently, wondering, but having a little clue it could be what i had been asking, wishing and dreaming for so long. Hubby managed to leave me speechless. Never, would i have beleived i could have a cutting table such as this one ! He made the table for me?! He even went as far as searching for a cutting mat big enough to fit the table. Now what can i say to that ? Oh my, oh my, were the only words i kept mumbling stupidly. I had one of those grin on my face and just kept looking, admiring, touching, already thinking of all the projects i would be doing sitting on this table. Now, am i spoiled rotten or what ?!

Wishing you all a happy day ! Oh, do not forget about my giveaway, you have until friday ! see below !

7 commentaires:

Rodi a dit…

How wonderful, Monique! It's huge and beautiful! And how thoughtful of your husband!


Hej Monique

Joyeux Anniversaire
Happy Birthday!
What a wonderful and thoughtful present!
LOVE PEACE enJOY your special day!

Mademoiselle G a dit…

Waw! Fill belle ta table, il est donc bien doué mon ti papa! :-) Contente que tu te sois fait gâtée et j'espère que tu feras plein de supers projets la dessus! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

moonflower20 a dit…

What a beautiful gift, Monique! I can tell it comes from his heart, which is a true treasure! I know you will be creating so many beautiful things at this table and have sweet thoughts of him at the same time! Thanks for showing your lovely gift to us! xox

Soili a dit…

Such a beautiful gift you received! He truly cares about what makes you happy.

winterludes a dit…

quel merveilleux cadeau. j'imagine déjà tout ce que tu vas créer sur cette table, quelle vie trépidante et passionnante elle va avoir. bonne semaine, xxx.

Happybee a dit…

OMG!!!! this is amazing!!!! how sweet he were????!!!!
Happy Birthday Monique and...enjoy your gift!!! :O)