mardi 12 avril 2011

loving to make bags

 On March 2010, ( a year ago already ) i quit my part time job. It was a difficult decision, but in the end it was a good thing for me to leave this place. The job was hard, the pay was awful and i had to get up at 3am every morning. I still wonder sometimes if i made the right move. Not having a regular pay check is not always easy thing. I had to reajust my budget and gave my old car to younger daughter. Hubby works close by, so if i need to keep the car, that is not a problem for me. One thing you learn when you have a tight budget is to hunt for bargains.
 There is a charity shop in a nearby town and at first i was on the look out mainly for china and other little decoration stuff until i started to look at a stash of wool and grabbed the whole bunch and then the bedding sheets and then ideas started to flow in my head. I found some really beautiful ones and some of them found a new life and became totes and pillow covers. I realized that creating with something old brings me a lot of satisfaction and i quickly became a real fan of charity shops.
One of the things i really love doing are tote bags of all sizes. I made this one with a bed sheet i found several weeks ago. I loved it so much when i layed my eyes on her, i grabbed it before someone did. I knew right away i would be making a bag out of it. I still have enough fabric left to make many more. Do you love tote bags as much as i do ?

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andrea creates a dit…

i do! and i have an addiction to making them too ;)
great fabrics!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Your bags are amazingly awesome, ma chère amie. Have a happy day, bon mardi a toi. Lots of love xxxxx

lillalotta a dit…

Lovely tote, Monique.
I understand about leaving your job. It must have been so draining and exhausting to get up that early ( I thought I was early getting up at 6 each day! )
I am sure you have become a much happier person in this last year. And that is what is most important! xxx

Soili a dit…

Nice job on your bag! I'm trying to work on bags over here too, and will post about them on my blog when done. Glad to find your blog.

Happybee a dit…

I do for sure!!!
I love to have so many totes, I love to buy them but I love the most to make them!!!
I think you did the right choice quitting your part time job...surely it's not easy when the budget is not big but you are so creative and surely you are finding the right way for make money with your passions!!!!
And...this is the best thing ever I think!!!
p.s. your tote is beautiful!!!

Baggaraggs: a dit…

I don't like them aas well as you make them Monique! Beautiful job. Hugs, Robin

Dylana Suarez a dit…

Super lovely blog!



Such pretty bags Monique
Have a lovely Easter weekend
Spring blessings
Carolyn ♥

Astridbears a dit…

I love your dolls, they are soo adorable!!
Happy Easter!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Hava a joyful Easter lundi, sweet sweet Monique xxxx

Martina a dit…

I sure love this one - the fabric looks gorgeous! And yes - being creative is very satisfying, much better than buying everything ready-made! Hope you had a lovely easter, see you soon! xx

This Moment a dit…

That is an adorable tote bag! I wish I could sew because there are such beautiful fabrics out there!