mardi 10 novembre 2009

treasures to cherish forever

A couple of weeks ago, i was spoiled with some beautiful treasures that i will cherish forever. First, i want to show you this beautiful bird collage that was made for me by a very talented artist. Her name is Carolyn and she is a mixed-media textile artist. I was amazed on how she turned little snippets of fabric and paper into a piece of art. I loved touching and admiring her collage. And i feel so privilege to own such an outstanding treasure. I was really moved by such generosity. This collage is going to hang in a very special place in my studio, so i can admire it every single day. Thanks again so much Carolyn, i am so happy we are friends ♥
And all of you ladies reading this post, do take the time to read her blog. I am a fervent reader of Carolyn's beautiful blog and i am sure you will become one too.

Another gift i received comes from my crazy adorable sister. She is two years younger and we have always been close, even though there were times we hardly ever saw each other. We don't live that close from one another, so it gets difficult to visit as much as we would like to.

But we decided to spend a whole day together and it was so much fun to have her home and be just the two of us. My sister loves to spoil and she surprised me with those adorable notebooks and a sweet tin box of crayons. The box is called " Alice au pays des couleurs ". I love it so much ! She knows i have a thing with tin boxes and notebooks. But then, i think i love anything boxes, paper, crayons, notebooks and the list is neverending. I don't need diamond to be happy. Those little gifts i received from Carolyn and from my sister are far more precious to me than a piece of gem.
I wanted to take a little moment out of my busy schedule and share this with you.
I do hope you are all having a very lovely day ♥

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Twiglet a dit…

Sounds like your sister is a gem like mine. They are indeed treasures and I hate to think where I would be without mine. We have spent today putting together a range of crafted items on a "cow" theme. We are so lucky to live close to each other and today was such a fun day of shared ideas and laughter. Pop over and have a look :

Grace Garton a dit…

There is certainly a lot I like about that bird collage too...not just the "little black crow":)
It's very beautiful. How will you frame it?
Wow, just admiring Carolyn's work, you are right she is very talented and her photo's are gorgeous! Thanks for the link, I've added her blog on mine. Very timely too, as our elderberry is in flower, some I'll use to cook with but when the berries form I can use them for dyeing!
Oh and Roobarb and Custard was a animated series that a few of my friends from the UK worked on!!
By the way it is 7.47am, just had my breakfast, need a coffee!
My sister lives to far away, but we do have a great time when we see one another.
While the coffees being made I should pop over to Twiglet's blog...I have a thing for cow's!!


Lynn Stevens a dit…

Your little muffinpies are adorable and it looks like you have been luckly lately,
Thank you for stopping by my blog best of luck in my giveaway!

Elyse a dit…


what a cool and adorable blog you have! so happy you left a comment so that i could find you and your blog!


blueberries in the fields a dit…

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Lynn Stevens a dit…

Thank you so much for posting my giveaway. I will make sure your entered twice!
hugs Lynn


Hello Monique

Thank you so much for the lovely words about my birdie collage. You are so sweet! But I am glad you like it and will treasure it. I really enjoyed making it especially for YOU. Have a good week sweet one

Carolyn :o)


Monique, I think if you log in to your blog. Underneath the viagra comment there should be a symbol like a waste paper basket. If you click on it, you can delete the comment forever. I hope it works!

Nasty people sending nasy comments. We don't want any of that! Just nice comments


BadPenny a dit…

gorgeous ! I LOVE Carolyn's work.

I think it is appauling when people put horrible comments...


BadPenny a dit…

thank you for your lovely comment on ma maison xx

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