mardi 24 novembre 2009

Notes from a headless chicken

Are you aware that Christmas is just about a month away ? I was told this morning and had a shock. Some of you will probably say; " hey, on what planet do you live ?!" Of course, i am not blind, i noticed some of my neighbors have put up their christmas lights outdoors, but still, i never really thought there was so little time left. Or maybe i just don't want to see... I do not live in another planet, but sometime it feels that way. I am locked in my house, day after day, making my dolls and others sweets for my christmas show that is going to be held on december 6th. So many things that need to be done, the list is in fact endless. I am starting to feel a bit panicky, i eat whenever i can, that is when i start to feel dizzy. i head for the fridge and grab the first thing i see and gulp it down my stomach. My laundry is piling up and i have bags under my eyes. Very pretty. I promised hubby we would go see a movie on sunday, but i was so exhausted i just fell asleep on the sofa. Promised him for next sunday...Should never make promises... I love making my dolls, but i hate deadlines. i feel like a headless chicken (very chic indeed ) and jump from one project to another. This is exhausting. I think i just need to go for a little walk, come back and make a list and FOLLOW the list...hummm, think it is the only way i can make it to the end. I haven't had much time for blogging, not much time either for listing new things in my shop. I have some muffinpies and tiny glittery snowmen i want to try and put in my shop before the end of the week. They are not like the photo you see here. This fella was sold yesterday along with 2 others like him. I will keep you posted on my whereabouts. I still haven't forgot my giveaway. I just need a bit more time and i will make my announcement very soon.
Have a very lovely day everyone ♥

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Yes, I feel the same, maybe next year, Monique, we start making for Christmas in August!!

Lots of love

Happybee a dit…

LOL!!! every year I would start make my gift early but...every year...I start soooo late!!!!

Grace Garton a dit…

Can't believe it, I've just been doing the same thing as you. I have my first Xmas stall this weekend!!!! My finger tips a glistening with crushed German glass that I just dusted my 4 snowmen with!
Your snowman is a pretty cool dude!
I did write a list and have ticked off quite a lot but still so much to do before the I better run.....oh and that little muffinpie girl has the cutest cheeks!

BadPenny a dit…

oh Bless you , try to get a hot bath or a walk or something just to get a few minutes to yourself.

So much pressure.... I made some cards today !

annax a dit…

Hi Monique,

I am so feeling the same. Soon I will be rushing around frantically. BUT it is such a magical time though. Enjoy every minute!

Hugs, annaxx