jeudi 5 novembre 2009

A month or so ago, i was contacted by one of my customer who is a great fan of my muffinpies. She asked if i would agree to make 8 muffinpies
for her. She needed some extra items for a craft show she is going to attend to in Louisiana. I agreed happily to work along with her. I just mailed my package to her yesterday, along with business cards. She said this would be a good opportunity for me and give my shop more exposure.

She was very excited when she saw the end results as i listed them in my shop for her to buy. She mentioned i had out done myself and i thought humbly that i had worked very hard and that indeed the faces were more or looked more professionally done. Anyways, i am happy she likes them all and i hope my muffinpies will be a huge success. :) You can see some of them here and also two little girls you will find listed in my shop
I have new muffinpies ideas for christmas and i can't wait to get started. I want to dress them in winter clothing, but i am not saying more. I will keep you posted on that. Christmas is not so far away and i am getting a bit anxious as i am overloaded with work. I am or trying to get ready for a christmas show december 6th ( oh boy, i see THE DAYcoming much too fast ) and i still have to fill up my etsy shop. I know i will make it through, i always do even if this means i will end up to an almost total exhaustion state. The problem with me is i lack organization. I have always been kind of a bohemian nonchalant type and i jump from one project to another, not really knowing where to start. The last few days before the show, i get into a panick fit,mumbling to myself . I look like a total freak. Any advice anyone on how to be more productive ? Next week i will come back and show you a very special gift i received from a friend. She is an absolute darling, a very talented artist and i feel so privileged to own this beautiful piece she made for me. I wish i could show you now, but i still did not get the time to take some pictures, so be patient my friends. Tomorrow is shopping day for me. Hubby said i MUST take a few hours and buy some new clothes. My wardrobe is in a very poor critical state and although i just hate shopping for clothes, i have to admit he is right. I am beginning to be ashamed to show myself in public on the rare times i go out to do some errands. Today i went to see my hairdresser and have my hair cut and with some new clothes to wear, i will be a new person ! How wonderful , he he !
I do hope you are going to spend a very lovely week end.
Speak to you soon ♥

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Blondie's Journal a dit…

I am so happy you are having success with your Muffinpie dolls! But don't forget to take care of yourself!! We care about you!!


Unknown a dit…

Preciosas tus muñequitas, son encantadoras. Besos.

Grace Garton a dit…

That's great news about your Muffinpie dolls. Lili is getting ready for Xmas. She will have lots of new friends to play with.
I really love the two little boy dolls, they are so cute!
I'm still laughing at the last bit you wrote about yourself. My mother always said to me that it was just no good buying me new clothes because I would end up painting or digging in the garden with them on and get them all dirty....hmmm she was right. But I've never had my partner suggest I should by new that would be ok by me. I do love to shop,just haven't done it in a long while except for art and craft supplies. Oh well at least our dolls get new dresses!


Hello dear friend!

Your muffinpie dolls are indeed wonderful and so I cannot wait to see your new idea for Christmas muffinpie dollies

I am glad you are going to treat yourself to some new gladrags and a hair cut. I am the same! I put myself last after everything and then take a look at myself every now and again and think "oh dear ... I need to sort myself out". I'm sure you cannot be as bad as me!

Take care, see you soon :o)
Carolyn xx

Baggaraggs: a dit…

Your Muffin Pies are very CUTE! They are just adorable. I am hoping that they sell and make you famous!
Have fun shopping tomorrow. abientot, Robin

Anonyme a dit…

Muffinpie dolls are adorable!! Congrats for your success :)

marit a dit…

Love your Muffinpies- they are just so cute!

I hate shopping for clothes...always so hard to find the right size- and I don't want anything expensive either, because I just go around on the farm-LOL!

BadPenny a dit…

They are so wonderful !!!

I would like to order one or two !!!

I'm the same - total rag bag in dirty dog walking clothes.

When I get tidy I don't feel right


Anonyme a dit…

I just took a peek at your Etsy shop, I love your little houses!