jeudi 10 décembre 2009

The first snow

I love snow, but i think i was not yet ready to accept the fact that a storm would hit us by surprise. We had an unusually mild and sunny November and i thought how nice it would be if this could go on a bit longer. But december reminded us that it was really here and i woke up wednesday morning, set out to work and gasped as i tried to catch my breath under the cold fierce wind. How easy we tend to forget how cold it can get in our snowy country. I think with the wind, it must have gone down to -20. Brrr !

It started snowing not long after i left home, and on my way back 3 hours later, the wind was blowing even more and the snow was falling horizontally. I could barely see the road as i was driving carefully, trying to stay on the right side. I guess many decided it wiser to stay home as i met few cars along the way. I managed to make it safely home, made coffee, lit a fire in the living room's fireplace and watched the storm raged from my window. I was hoping to finish my christmas shopping before the first fall, but i guess now i have to adopt a positive attitude and do my shopping wearing my big boots and winter coat. Yuk! I have to admit though that it looks magical, like in a christmas postcard. The roads are all blanketed in white and conifers are loaded with snow. I have to finish decorating and putting lights outside. Last night i was shovelling the driveway and it was still very windy, but not as cold and i admired all the neighbour's christmas light and it looked so beautiful. Christmas is really in the air now. This week end, we are going to cut our tree. It is a tradition we have been doing for many years. We go to a tree farm and mister Hadley take us for a ride on a big buggy and the fun is to run around the fir trees and find the perfect one to take back home. The girls are very picky and they always insist to find the bigger of them all. The Hadley farm is a beautiful place and the people are so friendly. They have a little shack with a wood stove and you can go and warm your rozy cheeks and have a cup of hot chocolate. It is a fun day and back home, we put some chritmas music, bake some cookies and decorate the tree.

I will cook a nice supper and we will all sit together and share this happy meal... It is not yet christmas, although i think it is even better. I love the preparation, the excitement, the coziness of our warm home. There is only one thing missing...My dear little Geneviève who is still so far away in Brussels. I wishshe would be home with us., i do miss her so... I hope everyone of you reading this post is having a wonderful time getting ready for the holidays.
♥ enjoy every moment ♥

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Blondie's Journal a dit…

It is too bad the the first snow was so miserable. It was this way for use here in Chicago as well (how odd!). Now I would just like some gentle snowfalls in warmer weather! It is nice to be inside where it is warm and cozy. I have a blazing fire and just finished off a mug of hot chocolate. So happy to be in and not outdoors.

Love your pictures. You really did get a lot of the white stuff!! Have fun getting your tree. It sounds like SO much fun!


BadPenny a dit…

I would love snow but here on the south coast of England we get about one day of powder.

Take care when you are out ! Cutting the tree sounds magical - we will choose our tree tomorrow too xx

Unknown a dit…

Ahhh c'est quand même bien beau la marde blanche :-)

Ici juste de la pluie!
On s'appelle en fin de semaine mom! gen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dé à coudre a dit…

Je découvre avec plaisir ton univers plein de douceur et de charme.