mardi 9 décembre 2008

Christmas season

My christmas craft show took place this last sunday ( december 7th ) and i must say i was quite satisfied of the final results. I wonder how i managed to make so many things in such short a time . I have been in my new house almost two months ago now and my clients were really amazed to see how organized i seem to be. It is true that we have been working really hard to make our home inviting and comfortable, but there is still so much to be done. Here are a few pictures of my new doll collection. I have more that i will try to post later, here and on my flickr page . I still have some stuff unsold and i just put a few up for sale on my etsy.
And yes, Carlotta is still there waiting patiently to be adopted by someone who will fell for her serious gypsy kinda look. I thought one of my clients would take her to a new home, but most of them said she looked too serious. Oh well...

I am really happy with my snowmen collection, but this pair you see with the long skinny hat was not very popular. Strange how things can differ from one show to the next. I thought people would grab all my new snowmen, but most went for the old ones i had from last year. This little cutie you see on the left though, disappeared in a matter of time. I made several of those and they were all gone fast. I bet if i make more next year, most of them will stay behind. But then again you can never guess and you have to take chances. Most of the time i prefer to make things i love best.

And i must say i never tire of creating snowmen of all kinds.

I also made some gingerbread dolls. Some were sugar coated like this one, others were rubbed with cinnamon and they smell evenly. I love to stuff most of my dolls with rags. It gives them a special look and feeling in your hands. Today is my day off, i am very tired. It is actually 1pm and i still wander lazily in my pyjamas. Outside it is snowing and i love to look at the billowing snowflakes. I put some old christmas cd's ( I love Bing Crosby ) and i feel very chritmasy. I love this time of year, just before christmas day. I think i will sit by the living room window and knit some mitts for my hubby. I bought some brow yarn ( such a classic for my traditional man ) and thought they would make a nice stocking stuffer.
'til next time my dearest friends, have a happy and sweet day.

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