jeudi 13 novembre 2008

For my Etsy shop ?

I thought i would put this doll up for sale on my etsy, but i am still hesitating. I made her this past summer. I like her a lot, but my main goal was to include christmas items. My dolls are very primitive and i think they are not very popular amongst etsy shoppers. I thought maybe if i showed them my snowmen collection, they would probably be a better seller. Thing is, i am still having problems with my computer and my digital camera. My hubby thinks he can have everything fixed tomorrow. I hope he is right. Anyways, any comments on this gypsy lady ? Should i give it a try ? Guess i don't have much to lose, don't I ?
Enjoy your day everyone !

7 commentaires:

Ahama a dit…

What can you lose with showing this doll on Etsy? Well, she isn't a usual beauty :), but I'm sure, you will find the one, who is waiting exactly for her.
I think it's really characteristic.

Anonyme a dit…

Oh yes do!!
I adore anything primitive!!
The textures are beautiful, and she is so well made!

blueberries in the fields a dit…

thank you so much girls. i think i will follow your advices. besides, i do not have much to lose. :)

Sleepandhersisters a dit…

I too think you should put her into your shop... she is just lovely.

Thanks for your kind comments.

You might not be able to grow wisteria but you have snow, that is something we have never had here in Hawke's Bay, we would have to travel 2 - 3 hours to find snow in the winter.

Anonyme a dit…

...I just had to say thank you for your most wonderful comment on my blog! It just made me smile so much!

Goodness to you!

Unknown a dit…

Yes yes yes! And so how was your show this sunday? I'll write to you or call on thursday...

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ^^

Anonyme a dit…

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