mercredi 10 décembre 2008

It has been snowing heavily for the past 2 days and despite the fact that i love summer best, i cannot help but marvel at the beauty of the scenery that stands before me. My husband and i were complaining about the awful roads condition, driving becomes extremely dangerous.

But at the same time, we look at this huge white carpet covering the roads and all the houses glittering with christmas lights and we feel this happy nostalgic moment in our heart.

Everything looks so beautiful, i wish those shots i took from inside my home could show you the millions of big snowflakes falling on the ground. I am sorry to see they do not render what my eyes are actually admiring. If i have time, i will put my boots on and take some more from outside. Unless the magic stops. The forecast calls for sunshine this afternoon. And the temperature will drop to -13 C. Brrrrrrrrrr!

This photo is from my kitchen window. I know, it is rather dark,but i hate using the flash. It spoils the effect i was trying to show you. Don't you love my starfishes i bought in Cape Cod last summer... I love Cape Cod...sigh...

A little bit of sunshine in my life. My poor little geraniums are feeling a bit blue...snif !

A view from my studio door. Actually, is is a big french door window and it leads to a small balcony. I consider myself so lucky to inherit such a sweet little corner all to myself. I am dreaming of summer days where i can sit on this little balcony and do my sewing or knitting or whatever my hands are itching to work on.

So longmydearest friends. I must go and do some paintings... No, not some fun painting. I have to apply a coat of primer on the walls and ceiling of my daughter's new bedroom. It hasto be ready before christmas...I'll be back for more... 'Til then, be sweet..

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Oh my goodness Monique, it looks so beautiful!!
This is the scenery that I was used to when I was growing up very North in Sweden, but here in the South of France, where I live now, it is a different story.
I have been complaining to my husband I wish for snow, and for the sneaky sun to stop shining for a bit :) It just shows that my windows have streaking little finger marks on it (again!_ :)
Thankfully we can go up the Pyrenees whenever we want and get a helping of snow when we need/want it.....

Also thank you thank you thank you for the most wonderful comment on my blog! So very much appreciated!! (hugs you) x

Ahama a dit…

I'm glad to see, that your new house is your home already.
It's strange, but Budapest and your home is at the same latitude north, I think, approx., but You have much harder winters, much more snow.

Wanda a dit…

WE have our first snow as well. I wait each years for it to snow and if it doesn't I am so disapointed. We live in the P.N.W. It is very beautiful here, but not as cold in winter as one might think. I am a first time visitor,stop by. TTFN