mardi 11 novembre 2008

I am still alive !

Well, it has been a whole month since i moved in my new house. So sorry if i did not take the time to come here and let you know i am still living on this planet. I am still in boxes, especially in my studio where most of all my stuff has not been unpacked, but there are most important things to do first. I wish i could show you some pics of my new world, but my computer does not "recognize" my digital camera anymore. My husband is trying to understand and solve the problem, but then, we are so busy with some renovations, this problem will have to wait for a little while. I told him i will need it soon, 'cause i can't put anything new on my etsy shop .
But I don't want to put pressure on him, besides, i have enough on my mind to keep me quite busy 'til christmas. Some clients have given me a phone call, asking me if I will be doing another x-mas show at my place. ( Something i have been doing for a few years ) And i told them i would. I think i am crazy, how am i going to find the time to get everything ready ? But i could not help saying yes, it gives me motivation to create new things. I will be restricted to small quick projects as i have little time left. So in between painting the kitchen walls, helping my hubby making a new bedroom for my daughter, i will be sewing snowmen and other x-mas ideas, not to forget i will have some cooking to do before x-mas, shop for gifts, ect, ect.... Oh gosh, this is such a busy time of year for me and with my moving to a new house, i hardly have time to breathe. I miss my knitting, my granny squares project. But this just a matter of time, i have to be patient. I still feel a bit like an outsider here, i sometimes miss my other home, i loved it so much. ( This is a picture of my barn, where i had my chicken coop ) But i have to be confident i can find happiness here. We have many projects in mind and with time, i can make this new place a cozy and warm home. With christmas coming, i can't wait to start decorating and have my daughters help me with the cooking. I wish my eldest daughter, Geneviève could spend the holidays with us. I wish she would come back home. But i am being selfish here. She loves her student life in Brussels. Oh well, enough of sad feelings, nowadays with the internet and web cams, i consider ourselves very lucky.
I will try and come back here once in a while and maybe show you some picture of my new home.
Til then my dear friends, enjoy your day !

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Anonyme a dit…

I am so happy to hear life is treating you well, and you are well and truly moved into your new house.

I am sorry to hear your digital camera is giving you a hard time (or I should say your computer)... it is awful when that happens. I am a total computer dummie myself, and such things happen to me all the time.

Looking forward to seeing new photos when you get the chance, and do do enjoy your new home!


Nicola a dit…


Just to say I have sent you an email and I am still ok with the Christmas swap. Let me know if you don't get my email.