jeudi 9 mai 2013

A winner...Or two ?

 Our winter season was very long this year. We had so much snow, i thought i would never see the end of it. We had a last snowfall in April and it was hard on everyone's spirits. I tried to keep mine in a postive way, doing more knitting and crochet. It always brings me so much peace of mind, happiness and comfort. While i was recovering from my surgery, i spent many hours sitting by the window, keeping my little hands busy, looking out and dreaming of better days.
 A month later, all the snow is gone, the grass is lush and green, the flowers are growing rapidly, little birds are busy making new babies and the air is warm and smells so good. We had an unusual very warm weather for the past week and i felt really happy to spend some time outdoors, gardening, knitting in the shade and even swim in the pool ! Here, in my northern country, it is still early spring, but it feels like summer.
 I am feeling happy and have almost fully recovered from my surgery. I started being more active, being able to garden, swim and go for bicycle rides. Spring and summer are such beautiful season and being so short in my country, we have to savor every bit of it.
 My head is full of happy projects and i thought i better make a list, because i will not know where to begin. I have lots of ideas to realize for my shop and this compelling desire to make crochet blankets. I have seen so many beautiful patterns on pinterest. ( see my board on crochet ) It is really difficult to decide what pattern i will choose as my summer project. I have done 2 ripple blankets so far this past winter. The one you see here is being listed in my shop, although i must admit it was really hard to part with it.  It is so soft, comfy and colorful ! My daughter said it would be the perfect blanket for a little princess. :-) Ok now....My main purpose for coming here was to finally announce the winner of my giveaway. Of course, i love to come say hello and give you all some fresh news, something i should have done a long time ago. I am a bad blogger, i say it all the time. But then, as a dear friend of mine told me the other day " life takes over ". So to make amends, i decided to give two separate surprises. The first one being the " grand prize " and the second prize will be a little something i will send as a real surprise. The winner will see her gift only as she opense her parcel :-).................ok, so the first prize goes to ?
 Manon!  many congrats dear! i will contact you shortly. Do visit her blog and shop! Manon makes the most adorable illustrations and dolls ! 

The second surprise will go to ?
E.D. !  I am so happy for both of you! E.D. i will contact you shortly. I need to thank you all for entering my giveaway, but especially, i need to thank you for being here and for all your loving comments. I am very touched by your kindness.
Enjoy this beautful day xoxoxo

6 commentaires:

Manon Visser a dit…

OMG I saw this at work earlier on and I couldn't reply. I am the happiest girl in the UK right now. I am in love with that blanket and can't wait to cuddle it!!! Thank you so much :)))))

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