mardi 8 juillet 2014

Renewing with my blog

First of all, i would like to say hello to all of you who used to read my blog in the past. I have to apologize for my very long absence on blogger.  I can hardly beleive it's been almost a year since i came here. There is no reasons, really. Many things happened in my life, personnal problems i do not want to mention here. I had some difficult times and blogging just seem to be too much energy for me.
I still have my etsy shop and it is keeping me quite busy.  A year and a half ago, i was ill and during my recovery, i took to knitting socks and knitting became my full time job. I have  knitted so many socks for customers and i am still quite busy with orders. I have created socks using many leftover sock yarns and my Happy Socks were born. They became so popular that for many months, i did not have any free time to do anything else.

 Each of my Happy socks are one of a kind, not one will be the same and that is what makes them so unique. They became so popular that i decided i could make fingerless gloves using the same happy sock yarns. I even knitted a pair of Happy legwarmers for a dear lady and she adored them. Knitting really took over my life and so many ideas are flowing. If any of you wish to own a pair of socks or mittens or legwarmers, do not hesitate to let me know. But you have to be aware that these take time, so i am hoping you will be patient.

I will leave you with some more pictures for you to see and i will try and come here a little more often. I am a bad blogger, always said so. I am just hoping to get better and that you will enjoy reading my future posts. Take care lovelies and hoping you are all enjoying your summer xoxo

Noro Kureyon fingerless gloves

Happy legwarmers

Noro Kureyon Yoga Socks

Noro Kogarashi knitted Beanie

More Happy fingerless gloves 

 Peonies from my garden 

vendredi 2 août 2013

Big week end special

 Summer is already more than halfway gone. I am feeling a bit sad, knowing there is little time before we will have to get the woolens out again. I am a summer girl, i am just loving to sit in the shade with my crochet or knitting, listening to the little chirping birds, going for long bike rides in the countryside, walking barefoot, swimming in the pool, eating ice cream with my little boys...What joy all of these moments bring me. Lately, I have spent most of my time gardening, enjoying the good weather whenever possible ( god knows it was a rare thing this year ) doing some knitting, crochet and sewing for my shop and  also for my own pleasure. Simple things that makes me most happy.

 I am just passing by in a flash to give you all a big hug, to let you know i am well and hoping the same for you.

 I also want to let you all know that i am having a big special in my shop.  Save 20% on everything listed. See my shop's appearance for more details. This offer last until tuesday morning.

Do not hesitate to email me or comment here if you have any questions whatsoever.
Love you all xoxo

jeudi 6 juin 2013

Busy as a little bee

 When i was recovering from my surgery this past winter, i made myself a wonderfully soft ripple blanket. A dear friend of mine made one too and calls it her comfort blanket. This picture you see here is not the one. Shame on me, must not forget to show you next time. This one here is being listed in my shop. Rippling can get so addictive. So much so that as soon as i finished my first ripple blanket, i made another one. It is a bit smaller, but so colorfull and comfy. I am actually making another one that i will keep for myself ( i am very sellfish you see ) and take it with me when we go sailing or when i need to cuddle up when we make campfires on summer nights.
 Crochet and knitting is usually reserved for evenings while watching TV and during the day, when it is cold and raining ( like today ) i love to sew and make new projects for my shop. Yesterday ( another cold and grey day ) i decided to go through my fabric scrap basket, wondering what new pretties i could do. In the past, i made many little fabric houses and they are so fun to make. So i started making one and another and another and the day went on and i realized i had been very productive. Seven sweet little fabric houses are now listed in my shop.  And to make them even more special, i filled each little houses with a couple teaspoon of dried lavender. Not only do they look pretty, but they smell heavenly.
 Bunting is also a favorite of mine and i will be making more soon.
 This is also a tote i made for my shop. The fabric is a heavy canvas and so beautiful Do take a peek in my shop if you wish to see more. I have spent most of the day sewing, stuffing my fabric houses, taking picture and listing them. I have been so busy that i forgot to feed my belly...Who is making strange noise at this time. So a little break ( tea and a sandwich ) is well deserved i would say...and maybe some crochet ?
Hope your day is good too ♥

jeudi 9 mai 2013

A winner...Or two ?

 Our winter season was very long this year. We had so much snow, i thought i would never see the end of it. We had a last snowfall in April and it was hard on everyone's spirits. I tried to keep mine in a postive way, doing more knitting and crochet. It always brings me so much peace of mind, happiness and comfort. While i was recovering from my surgery, i spent many hours sitting by the window, keeping my little hands busy, looking out and dreaming of better days.
 A month later, all the snow is gone, the grass is lush and green, the flowers are growing rapidly, little birds are busy making new babies and the air is warm and smells so good. We had an unusual very warm weather for the past week and i felt really happy to spend some time outdoors, gardening, knitting in the shade and even swim in the pool ! Here, in my northern country, it is still early spring, but it feels like summer.
 I am feeling happy and have almost fully recovered from my surgery. I started being more active, being able to garden, swim and go for bicycle rides. Spring and summer are such beautiful season and being so short in my country, we have to savor every bit of it.
 My head is full of happy projects and i thought i better make a list, because i will not know where to begin. I have lots of ideas to realize for my shop and this compelling desire to make crochet blankets. I have seen so many beautiful patterns on pinterest. ( see my board on crochet ) It is really difficult to decide what pattern i will choose as my summer project. I have done 2 ripple blankets so far this past winter. The one you see here is being listed in my shop, although i must admit it was really hard to part with it.  It is so soft, comfy and colorful ! My daughter said it would be the perfect blanket for a little princess. :-) Ok now....My main purpose for coming here was to finally announce the winner of my giveaway. Of course, i love to come say hello and give you all some fresh news, something i should have done a long time ago. I am a bad blogger, i say it all the time. But then, as a dear friend of mine told me the other day " life takes over ". So to make amends, i decided to give two separate surprises. The first one being the " grand prize " and the second prize will be a little something i will send as a real surprise. The winner will see her gift only as she opense her parcel :-).................ok, so the first prize goes to ?
 Manon!  many congrats dear! i will contact you shortly. Do visit her blog and shop! Manon makes the most adorable illustrations and dolls ! 

The second surprise will go to ?
E.D. !  I am so happy for both of you! E.D. i will contact you shortly. I need to thank you all for entering my giveaway, but especially, i need to thank you for being here and for all your loving comments. I am very touched by your kindness.
Enjoy this beautful day xoxoxo

mercredi 20 mars 2013

Jumping for joy !

Hello there ! I am just passing by in a flash ! I am so happy, i just had to share this news with all of you ! Yesterday, i had my first visit to the doctor since my surgery ( to learn more, read story below )  I was a bit nervous, because he was to tell me about the analysis of my cancer. The news could not have been better. My body is healed and healthy... I was so happy, i think i had this stupid smile printed on my face for the rest of the day.  I am releived, happy, joyfull, thankfull and blessed. This is a New beginning for me... I am free !!! 

do not forget ! my giveaway is still open to all of you ! ♥

mercredi 13 mars 2013

A new beginning...And a spring giveaway

 This morning, as i woke up, made coffee and lit a fire to warm up the house, i peeked outside, hoping today would be sunny. To my delight, i heard the sound of spring birds chirping happily. At last, spring is really on it's way ! We do have a lot of snow left on the ground, but it is melting very quickly and we can see some tiny patches of grass ! What joy ! Winter was long, but we must not complain. For all of us who enjoy going out and play, it was the perfect winter. But now that it is almost over and that spring is all around us, we are all happy to greet the new season.
Before i go on, i would like to thank all of you, my dear and sweet readers, who were so kind to leave wonderful and cheerful comments on my last post. I am really sorry if i have neglected responding, but soon i will take the time to visit and say hello. I am feeling much better everyday. My scar is healing very well and i can go about and do little chores such as cooking and do the laundry. I have spent many hours resting, knitting and doing some crochet. I will show my new socks and ripple blanket a bit later. I love my happy socks and beautiful ripple blanket ♥
But for now, what i want to show you is this. A gift, a giveaway for all who wishes to enter. This is giveaway to celebrate a new beginning for me and to welcome the wonderful Spring season. What better way to welcome spring with a pretty colorful and cheerful crochet bunting !  I also made for you this lovely crochet potholder. If you are like me, if you like a little burst of happy colors, this is the perfect gift for you. All you need to do is leave a comment on my blog. If you link this giveaway on your blog or Facebook page, let me know and your chances of winning will double. I will announce the winner in a couple weeks.
Til then, happy spring season ! xoxo ♥