mercredi 5 janvier 2011

sick Hubby at home

It is almost 11pm and the house is quiet...Well, except for hubby's snores that is... I finally managed to get the computer to myself. Hubby is still home for the rest of the week. He was off work for 2 weeks and he worked like crazy redoing a new bedroom for us. I told him we had all winter, that he should take it easy, but there was nothing i could do or say until he hurt his mack so much so that he had to go to the clinic on tuesday. Doctor gave him painkillers and the rest of the week off. So he spends his days sitting in front of the computer searching for the perfect wallpaper fr our bedroom.

i will make this a short post. My main reason to come here was to wish ALL of you a very Happy New year. I hope it will be filled with lots of love, health and many happy moments. Thank you so much to all of you who sent me such wonderful christmas cards. They adorned my living and dining area in a place where i could admire them everyday. I cherish these special treasures.

Have a happy week all ♥

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andrea creates a dit…

aw, happy new year-and get well soon wishes :)

swedishouse a dit…

Thank you for the etsy & folksy links you gave me for the reindeer picture...sorry I didn't get back to you...
Hope your hubby is soon well
Happy new January days

Mattydolls a dit…

Happy new year! Get well wishes for your hubby too!

TIKA a dit…

Happy, healthy and creative New Year!

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Have a sweet Sunday and a very have a happy start to the new week, dearest Monique! xxxx

Anonyme a dit…