mardi 8 mai 2012


It has been a very long time since my last visit here and i can hardly beleive i how time went by so fast. Many times i wanted to come and post, but the inspiration was not there. Of course, this is no excuse, i am well aware i have been neglecting my blog ( did i say that before ? ) ...Everyday, when i wake up, i tell myself, ! ok, i today i will sit and post  something and show some pretty pictures. "... and the day goes by and another and i still no post...Now the clock is ticking, reminding me i have an appointment with a physiotherapist, so my post will be short. Argh! i hate this, but i have no choice and get that therapy done with. i hurt my arm in January and the pain is still there. With the therapy, i am hoping it will help the healing process. I really needed to come and say hello to all my lovely likers who always take the time to leave a sweet comment. 

 I did a lot of sewing , knitting and crochet over the past month, but now that may is here, i am truly longing to be playing in the dirt.  Winters are so long in my country, i just wish we could have more sun and more warnth.
It is raining today, we had a rotten spring, but i am hoping the good weather will come soon so i can play outside. My geraniums are longing to out too.
Sending you all lots lof love and hugs. ♥

4 commentaires:

andrea creates a dit…

i understand the blog break :)
thanks so much for featuring me in a treasury today!
your bags and dolls are so sweet as always :)

lillalotta a dit…

Ooo dear Monique, so nice to see you blog. I am not very with it lately either :)
I simply love how you did your bags! Genius! Sending many hugs xxxxx

jane a dit…

lovely post :) and thankyou for your lovely comment, hope the sun comes out to play x x x x x

Becky J. a dit…

love the gardening weather too!
i purchased a muffin pie {love her} and wonder what kind of yarn do you use for the hair? i love it!