mercredi 11 avril 2012

On this cold grey spring day, all i need this afternoon is a nice cup of Earl Grey and working on my granny blanket. I haven't been much around, i admit, ( blushing sheepishly )but will come be back soon. Please, do bear with my grumpy mood.

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Rodi a dit…

This grumpy mood is traveling the world! It's been around here too...
I hope you feel better soon, a cup of Earl Gray always makes me feel a bit better

Indretning og ideer i sommerhusstil a dit…

Hvor er den bare flot,og rigtig sommerlig.Glæder mig til at følge din fine blog.Knus Else

Indretning og ideer i sommerhusstil a dit…

Thanks sorry super fine cup and very summery. Always use Google Translator itself so was not thinking straight at it. Hugs Else

Carol a dit…

Oh I love my cuppa too, but it's pg tips for me, not a fan of Earl or Lady Gray.
Lovely photo and pretty mug.
My favourite mug at the moment says keep calm and cast on and has a picture of yarn and a baby cardi, it's lovely but as I am always making mistakes the keeping calm bit is a laugh.
My friend brought me a mug for my birthday which says
Saw it
Wanted it
Got it
which is so me!

Wasabi Honey Bee a dit…

Loving the header pic!!!
Hope you tea is lovely and the blanket goes well : )

Lorraine Young Pottery a dit…

Grumpy, my favorite dwarf :-}

Your granny blanket is coming along!

xxx Lorraine xxx

Annie a dit…

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trish a dit…

What a pretty cup and blanket!! :o)

blondie blu a dit…

What a sweet sight.. lovely colors in your blanket and on your pretty tea cup. I must tell you I adore your Muffinpies… their sweet faces, gorgeous eyes and darling fashions! Just wonderful Monique. XO Helena

Happybee a dit…

Hello Monique!!!!
I wasn't around too lately...for more than 2 months...non a nice time...
but now...I came back and'll come back soon too!!!!
Hugs, Dany