vendredi 25 mars 2011


Pierre  by mademoiselle.G
Pierre , a photo by mademoiselle.G on Flickr.

Daughter Geneviève is having a spring sale in her fabulous shop ! don't miss it , her work is truly beautiful !

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~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

You both are creative and lovely ladies, sweet Monique.
Have a loveliest of weekends, let's have fun fun fun in the sun! Is there sunshine in beautiful Canada? I know there is always sunshine in your heart, my friend.
Much love, always xxxx

andrea creates a dit…

wow-you're both so creative!
i'll go check it out )
have a super weekend~

Happybee a dit…

wow!! Pierre is sooo beautiful! she's really very talented aqs her Mom!!!

TIKA a dit…

You are both so talented!
I have to peak at her shop now, and I'll spread the word about it!

Tails a dit…

Your very talented :D

marcela a dit…

your blog is so lovely!

forestgnome65 a dit…

Your daughter's Etsy shop is amazing - I have never seen her artwork before - I have added her to my favorites and will be shopping soon! Michael :)