mardi 22 mars 2011

Cott cott !

In my previous post, i talked to you about my chicken coop. Some of you asked to see them, so may i present you my  three ladies. Alice is the black colored hen, not very friendly, but then, maybe she is just a little shy.The brown ones are the twins, Gwen and Barbara. Please, do not ask me who is who, they look so much the same, i could not tell who is Barb and who is Gwen.. Maybe i should make a little different scarf for each of them ? It crossed my mind once, but i am not sure they would appreciate the idea.. Now, you must be wondering who is that little yellow ducky. If you have a little moment, then sit and read the little story.
 Little ducky is a school project and Andrea of faded plains asked me if i was interested to greet little ducky and introduce him to new friends. The idea of the school project is for the ducky to travel to different places around the globe. All we need to do is write a little note of what he did while he was visiting , include a coin of our country and send ducky back to Andrea or to someone else who wants to have him home. The most important thing is that he must return to the US before may 1st. If you need to know more  about this fun project, please, do contact me and i can give  further details. Little ducky enjoyed his stay here, but he is already eager to travel to a new place. Anyone interested ?  It can be anywhere around the globe except to the US ( sorry US readers. )
 Barbara and Gwen were prety curious to see this little fellow stranger wandering in their coop and inspecting the freshly laid eggs. Alice did not mind him at all. Having chickens around is not much trouble. All you need to do is keep their coop clean and make sure they have fresh water and food at all times.I give them grains and leftover greens, even bits of bread.  Every morning , they hear me come and wait impatiently at the door to see if i have something for them. They love it when i bring little surprises.

Well, that's it for today my lovelies. I wish i had more to tell you, but i am fighting a very bad chest  cold and i need to lay down a bit. I hate feeling so sick, there is so much i need to do, but i am lacking the energy.  I hope i will be feeling a little better tomorrow.
Wishing you a most happy and wonderful week ♥

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I LOVE your chickens!
I really would love some...
One day maybe.
I hope you feel much better soon
LOVE PEACE enJOY the coming Spring

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Bonjour ma plus chère amie, comment va-tu? I hope you are feeling better, sweet Monique.
Your chickens are ADORABLE!
Bon mardi ma cherie xxxx
We have lots of sun, no jackets outside, woo hoooooo

Rodi a dit…

The chickens are lovely and I love their names too! You know what my favorite part of the chickens is? The feathers around their butts...hihihi :D

Looks like the little duck is having fun in the coop! He will have a lot of stories to tell when he returns home...

PS: The little house is on its way to you. I hope it will fly fast! :)

forestgnome65 a dit…

I was browsing the blogs and saw your chickens - very nice! I love them!


andrea creates a dit…

very cute chickens :)
hope you get better soon!

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Bonjour sweet Monique, hope your fever is going down down dooown.
I threw the sweet Monique notes in the big giveaway hat, fingers crossed crossed crossed for y o u , my friend.
Have a lovely rest of your day, mine is almost ending xxxxx

Becky J. a dit…

i miss my girls--- we had polkadot, adam, and twins {couldn't tell them apart like yours, so we didn't bother naming them} can't wait till we get settled and a few new ones arrive!

Happybee a dit…

wow!!!! they are super cool!!!! :O)
I love them!!!

TIKA a dit…

You've got some lovely ladies! When I was a little girl, I struggled with my brother, which hen is his and which is mine. My grandmother solved the problem with red and blue ribbon that she atached on each hen's leg. They didn't mind.

So my suggestion is tie bracelets to hens legs.

Faded Plains a dit…

Such a great post Monique...thank you so much for welcoming Mr. Quakers into your home...Ethan and I truly appreciate it! We received your sweet cards and coin yesterday...again...thanks so much for participating.