mardi 15 février 2011

Wintry sceneries

Taking a walk with baby Jacob on a snowy monday afternoon.

We live near a river. In the summer, we can cross the river on a ferry. In winter, when the river feezes hard, there is an ice bridgel

It was very mild and the snow was falling gently. We had a big snowfall during the night. We did not expect so much snow.
We are eager to smell the first signs of spring, but we will have to be patient. All this snow will take a while to melt. In the meantime, we can always enjoy the beauty of winter.

6 commentaires:

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

That's a lot of WINTER, sweet Monique. The fluffy blanket does look wonderful. Our snow has all gone, the weather is Springlike today, woo hoooo
Did you have a happy Valentine's day?
Well, that's behind us now and I'm preparing the house for all the birthday celebrations, starting next Saturday with Quinten turning 3.
Love and hugs xoxoxoxo

moonflower20 a dit…

Oh, I love those beautiful winter scenes, especially the one of your adorable grandson! What a sweet little Eskimo! xx

Happybee a dit…

what wonderful pictures and what a great winter!!!
that little baby looks soooo sweet!!!! :O)

andrea creates a dit…

an ice bridge!and i thought it was cold here!
stay warm :)

Wasabi Honey Bee a dit…

How fun!! May parents used to live on Lake Ontario and in the winter they could drive their car across.

Ulla V. a dit…

Oh, it looks so cozy for little Jacob. I bet that he is comfortable and warm in his very own sleigh.

Eventhough it would be nice if spring would appear, then I agree with you about the beauty of snow.

Have some lovely days in the snow. :))