vendredi 5 novembre 2010

Winifred and Alastair Forestlings

I love mice, i think they are tiny lovely creators and even if they can be a nuisance sometimes, i still love them. I remember many years ago, in my former old country house, a little forestling hid beneath the cook range. I often settled at the kitchen table to make my crafts and once in a while, i would see her come nibble a piece of butter whenever i left on butter dish uncovered. I would of course scold her gently and she would flee back under the range,but came back several minutes later to beg for a little more. I know some would be shock to read this ( mice are dirty and filled with bacteria ) and i did not encourage her to come back. Hubby eventually put some mice traps and i sadly heard the trap catch them in the end. It's not easy being a mice.
But this is a diffrent story for Alastair and Winifred. These mice are unoffensive and live in a magical forest, away from dangerous traps.
Don't you love their whimsical look and acorn hats ? You ca read more about the Forestlings in my shop .

Hope you day is good ♥

8 commentaires:

salty pebble a dit…

festive charms * magical *
*wonderful*....happy bonfire night my lovely ;0)x you have such a beautiful creative talent x

lillalotta a dit…

Oooo Monique, how adorable! I love mice! We always have the company of little uns :) x

andrea creates a dit…

these are so cute :)

Happybee a dit…

they are sooooo adorables!!!!

dutch sisters a dit…

They are adorable and sweet!
you're talented!!

Paula a dit…

Dear Monique,

Winifred and Alastair are so darling! How wonderful they live in a forest safe from mouse traps! You create such sweet and magical things! Sending you love, Paula

manon 21 a dit…

j'aime bien ce que tu fais.
mes estampes d'oiseaux je les fais moi même.



Regina a dit…

These are adorable - and I am rarely a fan of mice. ;)