vendredi 15 octobre 2010

Little Jacob is born

Little Jacob was born october 9th, a week before my daughter was due. All went quite well and my daughter Maude is recovering quickly. We are all very happy to welcome this little sweet boy in our family. Jacob is so sweet, my heart is melting each time i hold him in my arms or watch him sleep soundly. He smells so good, his skin is so soft, his fingers so tiny, but oh, sooo long. I can hear him as i am writing this, he is waking up, asking for his milk. My daughter and her hubby have been staying with us for the past 3 months. Their new house is almost ready, being constructed right behind ours. So that means i can see little Jacob whenever i want, that is really wonderful. This first week with the baby was quite hectic as i had to give some support. It did not give me much free time to work in my studio, but things are starting to get a bit better. Mommy Maude is having a chance to sleep a little more during the night. Oh, this brings me back to such happy and sometimes not so happy ( more desperate ) memories.
Later, as my little angel gets older, i will show you some more pictures, but for now, i will have to go back in my studio and get on with custom orders that need to be shipped soon.

****** wishing you all a lovely week end******

11 commentaires:

Christy a dit…

What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to your family circle!

salty pebble a dit…

gorrrrrrrgeous little bundle of joyful-ness awwwwwwwwww bless xxxxx
congrats to your daughter xxxxx and congrats you lovely young nanny xxxx enjoy all the cuddles xxxx

Danka M. a dit…

Moje gratulacje dla Rodziców!
Maluszek niechaj rośnie zdrowo!
Moja wnusia Małgorzata jest o 5 dni starsza:)

Ahama a dit…

Congratulations !!!!! Wish a healthy, joyful life for him and the whole family, and happy-happy grandmothership for you :))

Enchanted Hollow Designs a dit…

What wonderful, wonderful news. I am so happy for you and for your family and for the new mama and papa.
Many blessings to all of you and especially to baby Jacob.

Unknown a dit…

Congratulations! He is so adorable and tiny!!!
Love to you and yours!

Anonyme a dit…

such an exciting time in your life, and such a beautiful little baby!! i am so happy for you!! ***happy sigh***

xo Rena

Scented Sweetpeas a dit…

Thanks so much for the lovely photos you sent me of him, isn't he just gorgeous! How fantastic it will be for him to have you so near so he can toddle over to yours when ever he likes. Those early days can be hard and I hope Jacob is good for his Mummy. Love to you all. xxxxx

Mandi a dit…

Ohhh, how devine are new borns...
so perfectly knitted together!

Maybe I could build behind my parents house when my 2 arrive, hmmm....will put it to my hubby;)

Have fun watching him grow..

Unknown a dit…

Awww chaque fois que je vois sa photo je fonds! Il est si mignon! J'ai trop hâte de le rencontrer en personne :-)xxxx

dutch sisters a dit…

Oh he is so sweet! Congratulations!