jeudi 7 octobre 2010

I am on Prims magazine !

Last Spring, i was contacted by Prims Magazine and they wanted me to send them a few items to be juried. They chose Alfred Snowman and i was asked to write a little article that would appear in the october issue of Prims. I was so excited, how could i refuse such a fabulous opportunity ! I wrote the article, emailed it and waited the whole summer. I was feeling somewhat anxious, fearing i may not appear in the magazine, that they would forget about me.
But they did not forget and here it is ! I got my free copy this morning and i was so happy, i almost jumped like a little happy girl, right in the post office. Did not want to scare the old lady beside me. I had that stupid smile on my face and already she was eyeing me suspiciously. I ran outside and frantically began searching for a little piece of Alfred, somewhere in a corner of a page. To my surprise, there were 2 WHOLE pages dedicated for my Alfred ! I just looked and all i could say is Ooooo and Aaaaaa... The magazine itself is so beautiful, you really should go and grab a copy ! To make things even better, they contacted me, asking to submit another piece for their next issue coming out in April. Aaaarghhhh ! I have until november 15th to create something with a springy or summery theme.
OMG, i really must get to work. I still have no idea what i am going to make, but i will find something. Promise to show you when i am done.

Have a great week end everyone ♥

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water scissors paper a dit…

Congrats. I love your work.

Unknown a dit…

Congratulations to you!!!

lori vliegen a dit…

woo hoo.......congratulations!!! your work is fabulous, and i'm glad that the folks at prims have recognized you for it!!! :))

Blondie's Journal a dit…

I am SO happy for you. I know you will do a nice job for the spring issue. I don't believe we get this magazine here.


Unknown a dit…

I am so happy for you. I was in Montreal two weeks ago and looked fo rteh magazine but it was not out yet, so I guess I will just have to send for a copy. Bravo for your .., you really do have nice items!!!

Mademoiselle G a dit…

Whouhouuu!!! Cool mémé! hihihihi!C'est on nouveau nom hein va falloir t'habituer :-)

manomij a dit…

Well done. I love your dolls and I am happy I found your blog!

Lancerika a dit…

wonderful chance to
share your unique artwork with
the world!
les meilleurs souhaits à vous

Scented Sweetpeas a dit…

Waahoo well done, that is fantastic! You deserve, your dolls are just gorgeous! Hope you are fab. xxx

Valentina a dit…

OOOOOOHH! Congratulations, Monique! this is totally awesome, I am so happy and proud of you!
I am sure you will make something absolutely adorable. You are so talented and you cannot go wrong.
I will share this news with the girls!

Becky J. a dit…

ooo i love that magazine! congrats on both accounts.

SocksAndMittens a dit…

Congratulations, Monique! I am so happy for you!

fée un voeu a dit…

Félicitations !!!