mercredi 27 octobre 2010

waking up at dawn

I woke up in the middle of the night with an eagerness to get up and set to work. But i reasoned myself and tried to get to sleep. Hubby rises up early so i thought soon as he leaves, i would start the day.
6:35am, got up, washed my face, lit up a fire, and prepared coffee ( I won't survive without a hot fresh mug ) Hummm, this is so good.
The house is still dark and very quiet. Outside the air is chilly, but i can see a tiny ray of light. The morning is waking up slowly.The trees ( or most of them ) sadly lost their leaves and the bare branches make a stark contrast against the early morning.

This is my favorite part of the day when all is still and barely waking up. I feel cozy inside in the warmth of the house, still wearing my flannel Pyjamas and writing a little good morning post as i sip my hot coffee and listen to the crackling of the fire.
I am not particularly fond of winters. Or maybe this is just because our summers are so short, i don't know. For the past couple days it has been very windy and i could almost smell the snow. I felt like a child awaiting excitedly for the first storm...I love sitting on the couch , knitting and watch a snowfall. I love winter cocooning. I am a homebody. Staying home makes me happy.
Today i have a lot of work. Last night i traced and cut many Muffinpies to be and other projects . It is going to be a busy and very exciting day. I lost many days of work during october. Mommy Maude and baby Jacob ( who is growing so fast )stayed here a couple more weeks, but now they have happily settled in their newly built house, which is practically in my backyard. Love my girl and little baby, but releived they finally moved out. I needed my space to get on with my work. She and her hubby stayed here almost 4 months. It was wonderful to have them with us, but i guess it was time they move. Besides, she is just a few yards away, we can visit anytime we wish.

This is a tiny piece of my studio you see. One day i will show you more of it, but not until i have it tidied up a bit. I tend to forget about cleaning up when i immersed myself in long hours of work. I love my working space. It is a large room with french doors that open on a little balcony.
But you'll have to be patient until i decide to show you.
Oh, the clock is ticking , guess i have to say goodbye til next time.
I hope your day is as wonderful and inspiring.

8 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Oh Monique, thank you for letting us take a peek into your lovely work space!! You have painted a beautiful picture in my mind of how your lovely morning went! I love the stillness of the morning also, it's sort of a "recharging" of my batteries time of day. I am hoping you will consider posting photos of your Halloween decorations if you find the time!!! Yay!! Have a most beautiful day you MuffinPie maker you!!! =) xxx Rena

SocksAndMittens a dit…

Love your post, Monique, it sounds so cozy. I am waking up at 4 AM and love these couple of hours I can have for myself. Love your photos!

Paula a dit…

Happy day sweet Monique! So wonderful to find a new post from you! I enjoyed reading your lovely thoughts and getting a peek into your wonderful studio! I am enjoying my sweet and beautiful Muffinpie so much! Mr. snowman is waiting for Thanksgiving to pass and be put out! I can hardly wait too! :) Your fireplace looks so cozy, warm and inviting! I hope you have a fabulous day of creating your beautiful sweet dolls my friend!
Love, Paula

andrea creates a dit…

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I just had a look at your etsy shop and blog and everything is so cute :)
Have a wonderful week!

Scented Sweetpeas a dit…

oohh what a lovely cosy scene you set there Monique. So lovely to see where Marion, Emile and Delphine were created :-) Glad little Jacob and Maude are doing well - I know what you mean about space though as I need my own space every now and again - I bet they love their new home with their new family member.

Unknown a dit…

Lever à 6h...maudite folle! hihihi! Bon avec le feu et le café, ça compense pas mal en effet...

stephanie levy a dit…

oh, I love reading about the beginning of your day. sounds so cozy and creative, just lovely :)

Mandi a dit…

Can not wait to see the Muffinpies... I'm so eager to buy one ( or 2) to come live at our house! I just hope they all don't sell before I get to have a peek.
Keep up th egorgeous creations. xoxoAmanda