mercredi 20 octobre 2010

Halloween yummies !

Daughter Geneviève and myself tend to lose our minds when it comes to halloween. We love everything about it when Geneviève was still living home, we would carved many pumpkins to have enough for outdoors and indoors. I think if we were brave ( or insane ) we would still go trick or treat, just for the fun of wearing halloween costumes, ( the scary ones are the best ! ) admiring all the decorated houses and collecting yummy candy ( of course ) Geneviève has a lovely shop with some great halloween art dolls and card. There is still time to grab something to decorate your home. Go take a peek, i know she will be pleased ♥

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Paula a dit…

Dear Monique,
You and your daughter are both so very creative and talented! I love all of the pretty Halloween goodies! What wonderful and happy memories you two have of your fun Halloweens together!!!

I am so excited about my beautiful doll and adorable snowman! I can hardly wait until they arrive!

Love and hugs,

Paula a dit…

Oh, I forgot to say what a lovely blog you have! xo

Blondie's Journal a dit…

It sounds like you have some wonderful memories with your daughter. The time flies by so fast...mine are too old to go trick or treating, but just maybe one year we will dress up so that no one knows how old we are...old witches??!! :-)

Love all your spooky creations!


SocksAndMittens a dit…

Love your creations, Monique. Your daughter is such a talented illustrator! Admiring both of your work!

Baggaraggs: a dit…

These are so great. Love them. and halloween. Hugs, Robin

Lancerika a dit…

Merci for sharing such
beautiful memoirs...
Love this beautiful Autumn
full of colour and FuN!
Wishing you the happiest
of times:))

Heather a dit…

Love love love your daughters adorable. Loving your blog, too! xo

Heather a dit…

Love love love your daughters adorable. Loving your blog, too! xo