vendredi 14 mai 2010

spoiled with love

A little collection of Anna's tape

A couple of weeks ago, i bought some tapes from lovely Anna. She was a couple sales away from 3,000 and i was so excited, i could not help buy the couple missing so she would wake up the next day and see the wonderful news. It must be very rewarding to see how people love your work so much. Although i have nothing to complain about, my little shop is doing very well and i feel very grateful to all my loyal fans. Many many thanks to all of you my sweet ladies.
Anna, who is one of the most kind and generous person i have met so far, included a wonderful surprise along with the tapes i bought. I was so touched by such generosity . It is hard to express one's feeling through simple words, although i must say little handmade items like these mean more to me than luxuries i don't need . Gifts made with love are treasures we must cherish. My mom taught me that. I come from a very large family and times were sometimes rough for my parents, but my mom always find a way to make things that we kids, would enjoy. We understood quickly there was much love in all the things she made for us. She was an artist... So dearest Anna, i am sending you many thanks filled with love.
I wish you all my lovelies, a very happy friday filled with joy and peacefulness . Enjoy the beauty of the May season. It smells so good outside. ♥

5 commentaires:

Blondie's Journal a dit…

Anna sounds like a wonderful friend and I am sure you are very deserving!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! :-)


Scented Sweetpeas a dit…

Gorgeous ribbons and a gorgeous apple - very sweet.

lillalotta a dit…

Thank you so much dear Monique. You are such a dear friend, and I am ever so pleased you liked my wee package xxx

Emil und die großen Schwestern a dit…

Beautiful blog, beautiful work!
I like your dolls! Fantastic!

The French Bear a dit…

I have some tape that Anna made that says the french bear...she is awesome!
Margaret B