mercredi 19 mai 2010

Countryside walks

May is such a wonderful month. Everything is so fresh, so new, everything smells so good. I love going out for evening walks. When the sun is still shining but not so hot. I live in the country. I don't think i could ever live elsewhere. Unless i could live on the seashore. I love summer. I wish it were like that...always...But i live in a country where summers are short, winters neverending and cold.

Yesterday, after eating diner out on the terrace with hubby and my younger daughter Anne, we headed for the fields and walked many miles, enjoying the beautiful temperature. Walking in the countryside is different. i loved smelling the grass and the huge lilac bushes, i loved admiring the view, meeting unexpected friends and stepping into unexpected places too. It is a good thing i wore my old running shoes. There was this small puddle of mud and i tried to jump over, but with my little legs, both feet landed right in the middle of the mud puddle. (smiles) my daughter calls me Hobbit, cause i am so small. Felt like a child, covered in dirt, sunburn on my shoulders, but so happy. I remember as a little girl, my mom kept washing my running shoes in the washing machine. I guess i always loved mud puddles. After our walk, had to take a shower to take all that mud off my legs. Some of you must be wondering what this picture of twigs represents ? Well, as we were having dinner on the terrace, there was this cute little bird perched on my clothesline. It kept going in the nearby bushes and come back on the clothesline. I did not pay too much attention to it's little game. Later, as i took the clothes off the line, i was folding a pair of jeans and those little twigs, spilled on the balcony floor. I felt puzzled, until it flashed in my mind. The little bird, had been so busy building it's nest inside the jeans hanging on the line. I smiled, amazed, but then felt sad and guilty that i had destroyed the little bird's nest. I kept wondering why the little bird had chosen this pair of jeans...
This friday, it is going to be my birthday. For this special day, i will be doing a giveaway. I really hope a lot of you reading my blog will come and join the fun.
Until this day, i hope yours is a lovely one ♥

4 commentaires:

Blondie's Journal a dit…

Such pretty pictures. Our lakehouse is in the country but most of the fields are filled with the farmer's crops. This is beautiful.

Imagine this cray bird making a nest in your jeans. Luckily you found the nest before she laid eggs!!

Wishing you a Happy Birthday! :-)


Baggaraggs: a dit…

Looks just beautiful. Hoping that you have alovely and delightful birthday filled with pleasant surprises and something fun in the MAIL!!!;0) Hugs, Robin

lillalotta a dit…

We love our walks too. And it is a rule that our shoes MUST be messy when we get back. I love living in the country too. I would not want it any other way. Some how life seems slower, better. x

Anonyme a dit…

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