mercredi 13 janvier 2010

I have been cleaning up the house, putting away christmas decorations, trying to make my studio a decent living area and did some knitting too. I miss knitting, i am always so busy that i find it difficult to find time and just knit. i could spend a whole day doing just that. But i haven't been much in my studio in the past 2 weeks and now that the holidays are over, i must go back to sewing and make new projects. Of course, there is more Muffinpies on the list, but i have this need to create new things. My head is buzzing and i spend my nights, eyes wide open, thinking of all the things i want to accomplish in one single day. It is an impossible task, too much in my mind. Have to make a list and start from top to bottom. I have this bad habit of jumping from one thing to the next. Today, i must do some painting, yuk ! Hubby build a beautiful island ( can we say that in english ? ) and i want to paint it a creamy white. It is a big square counter with big drawers on one side and a place to sit on the other. i just love it and i have lots of working space for cooking. I will have to show you when it is all done. I guess i have to start the painting now, cause the clock is ticking and i want to sew, i want to knit, i want to cook... Oh boy....
Hope you are having a lovely day every one ♥

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Blondie's Journal a dit…

I am sure that you will get to everything in time...try to enjoy every minute! :-)



I am the same I must tidy and clean before I can sew and paint. I must be organised and in control

Take care Monique. Don't do too much and make yourself poorly!

Sending love and hugs xx

anna a dit…

With me it is the "mess" in my head that needs clearing :)

I hope you will get your space tidy and amazing, so you can create more of the lovely things you make.

Hugs, annaxx

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BadPenny a dit…

hello - thanks for your comment - it's lovely to hear from you again.

We call it an Island too ! you are correct & it sounds great.

I have so much to do to spring clean my house but I have made a small start - I get distracted by the Blog !!

hens teeth a dit…

Hello ~ Thank you so much for your kind comment. Isn't Carolyn a darling?
I have been reading your blog and enjoying it very much....thank you.

Anonyme a dit…

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