jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Blog Giveaway !

Hello everyone ! i am really busy, sewing like a mad woman, but thought i would stop and let you know my daughter geneviève is having a great giveaway at the moment. Don't miss it ! And stay tuned to my blog cause soon i will be having one too ♥
♥ wishing you all a lovely week end ♥

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Blondie's Journal a dit…

I didn't know your daughter had a blog. How nice!! I am off to visit her!!


anna a dit…

Oh must join in on the give away :) x

Anonyme a dit…

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Ravenhill a dit…

what a pretty image! I hope you are enjoying your weekend sewing! I should take a break from the computer and do a bit of sewing myself... I have just hearted your shop. You make so many sweet and pretty things!

オテモヤン a dit…


Unknown a dit…

Here's a comment for the giveaway~but!! I just found you through a link from another blog. We have two foot of snow here from the weekend and two more coming today. So...I've been reading beautiful blogs today to cheer myself up with all of the snow. The thought of shoveling out again is a horror, reading blogs a pleasure. Which would you do?

REally nice blog. Off to read your daughter's now!

XX00 mary Pinkflamingo61

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