vendredi 11 septembre 2009


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Since my return home, i have been quite busy sewing new dolls. to put in my etsy shop. I am also working on some new raggedy girlz and muffinpies. I even made some little guy muffinpies. they are not quite finished, but i think they will be kinda cute. Come back next week to see my newbies and some little muffinpies girls dressed for halloween .
Have a nice week end everyone ♥

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Unknown a dit…

These are just too cute. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm going to tag you as a friend to follow... You are too cute to miss.


They are very pretty dolls. I also visited the lovely artist who created your Muffin Pie Doll picture

I've still got my thinking cap on about your daughter's storey giveaway. I have some ideas but it's not going too well! Hope I am inspired soon!

Have a lovely weekend, Carolyn

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations a dit…

How cute!

Mademoiselle G a dit…

Cool elles sont belles! :-) xx