mardi 25 août 2009

Le Jardin/ The Garden

This is a new painting from my so talented daughter Genevieve. I think she is a true artist and i am so very proud of her. :)
She is doing another giveaway. ( some of you reading this probably read and participated at the previous one but this one promises to be a bit challengin and fun. Take a look at her blog read the rules to participate and go for it !
I am leaving early tomorrow morning ( wednesday ) to take our sailboat back home. The engine is finally repaired, the only thing now is to get it back to it's place. ( the engine of course ) I cross my fingers that everything goes smoothly.
I will be back sunday or monday and i just can't wait to get back in my studio. I have many ideas i want to work on and more muffinpies on the way :)
be good and do participate at Genevieve's giveaway !
Good luck ♥

3 commentaires:


A very beautiful painting by your daughter. Can't wait to see your new creations - I simply adore my little house which looks lovely in my cottage

Carolyn x

MademoiselleG a dit…

Merci mom! :-) Et courage pour le bateau!

BadPenny a dit…

Thank you for visiting my blog - I talk more in my other one The Hen House. We sail too !! xx Super picture