vendredi 9 janvier 2009

Wednesday came with another snow storm. I beleive this one was the biggest this winter. But nothing compare to the one we had march 8th of 2008. It snowed heavily from midmorning 'til the next day. Oh, how Anna would have loved to see that. I think she would have spent hours sitting by the window, staring at the blowing snow whirling around in circles. Most people here are already starting to complain and even though i envy Anna's little paradise, i cannot help but admire the beautiness of the falling snowflakes. Around 7pm, hubby, my daughter Anne and myself dressed up warmly with big boots, ski pants, warm woolen hats and the like and headed outdoors. My man got the snowblower out to clean up the driveway while i helped shovel for the entryway who was buried deep in a soft billowy blanket. We went for a walk and some houses still had their x-mas lights on. It looked so magical. Hubby even changed his mind and said i could turn mine on because it looked so pretty that night...

Just before christmas, i received and award from a very very sweet lady.

I was really surprised because i beleive there are so many beautiful blogs to choose from, other than mine who seems so plain ordinary...And neglected. I was even more surprise to receive a second one this week by the beautiful Anna

and that made me feel so good inside my poor little sensitive heart... Thank you to both of you, you are so dear to me. Receiving awards such as these is a very rewarding feeling and it also implies i have to pass it on to other gifted person. Oh, what a difficult decision. There are so many i really like, i could name more than just a few.

So...For this Kreativ award, listed below are the 5 nominees. These are just a few of my long list of favorites.

* grip dagen

* my pink turtle

* mademoiselle G ( my lovely daughter Geneviève )

* roses in winter

the last but not the least... One of my favorites i must admit.

* perfect weather to fly

Now... For the second award...I must choose 8 ...So here they are...And please, do pay all of the great talented ladies i mentioned here, a little visit. And don't be shy to leave a nice comment. I know they will enjoy reading all of them.

* resurrection fern

*knitty gritty thoughts

*moon stitches

* aha.mama

* just a girl

* shabby rose cottage

* my cozy little whimsy nook

* kathryn ivy

I hope some of you will add them in your favorites. I enjoy readingeveryone of them.

Well now, i am still alonein the house today ( just for a few hours ) so i think i will cuddle up on the couch with my woolen shawl and knit for just a wee moment.

Have a nice day everyone !

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Anonyme a dit…

Oh thank you thank you thank you!
Your post totally made my day! You are the kindest and sweetest!
I am looking around for your email address. Just wanted to email you about our trade.
In case I can not find it *because I can be a bit of a dummy....* could you please drop me a line at
thank you!

Hug, annaxx