mardi 6 janvier 2009

That's it...Another Christmas has passed and i feel it just flew by so rapidly...I have some difficulties leaving it behind. In fact, all my x-mas decorations are still hanging all around the house, and i cannot get to reason myself and put everything down. I know, i know, just give me a few days, just a few more and i will stop acting like a baby and do whatever has to be done... Going back to " normal life " is always so hard at first, but i guess i will feel better after a while. I have to cheer up thinking i have tons of project awaiting and i have to try and realise some of them before the warm weather comes back. I know as soon as spring is here and all the snow has melted, i will be outside digging new flowerbeds. But that is still far away and in the meantime, i want to reorganize my new studio, paint the kitchen, the ugly bathroom and maybe my bedroom and create some new stuff for my etsy shop. In fact, i should give this a priority. I am not taking my little business seriously enough...Argh, should have not said that...I promised myself a whole day of knitting and now i feel guilty knowing i should be working instead...Hummm...But there is always a tomorow, is there ?

Ok, today some knitting and tomorrow some sewing... Gotta make some bunnies for Easter.

*** Have a lovely day everyone ***

4 commentaires:

LuLu Mypinkturtle a dit…

BONNE ANNEE 2009! La poupee sur la photo est adorable! Ouille! l'hiver s'annonce dur cette annee, non? Je te souhaite bonheur, paix, amour et sante! A bientot! LuLu

Flor Larios Art a dit…

I think we all feel the same right now, we don't want Christmas time to end, I still have my tree and Christmas ornaments...but not for long:(

Unknown a dit…

Well here, the Christmas tree is not moving until the end of my exams, yay! Don't have the time to put it back in its box, and anyway, it helps me to keep a good mood! (Pis mon anglais l'est tu correct? hihihi! )
Gen qui t'aime xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonyme a dit…

*laughs* It is never easy to say goodbye to such a wonderful time of year. We felt the same. All the decorations might be gone, but the mood still lingers. Also with my mother still being here until February, we are in the festive mood. (which is a bit silly I suppose). I just can not get into the swing of things. Strange. Perhaps when the little ones are in school for a bit longer, and I can find my way around the house on my own, and not have the twins around me all day long anymore.
I have to laugh at myself though. There I am, always wishing I had a bit more time for myself, and when I do, I am lost :)

I love seeing your photos though, and you do make the loveliest crafts.
I am up to my eyeballs in projects sadly, but if you would like to do a trade later on this year, I would love it!

Wishing you a lovely day!
Anna xx