lundi 22 décembre 2008

Christmas Eve

It is almost Christmas Eve. I received a call from my hubby, he is still out there in the USA, but good news ! He is coming back tomorrow !!! He will leave early morning and told me he should be back around supper time. That means the count down begins for me. I still have a little shopping and gift wrapping to do, but at least, the house is all decorated and homey. We had another snowstorm this sunday and everything is so beautiful. The snow is a pure glittery white and the trees are all covered in a soft white blanket.
This is my house. I took a picture around supper time. I like to dress up warmly and play in the snow. I feel like a little girl. The weather is cold, even today, -10c, but it is magical.

It is a good thing we have a snow blower, it would have been very difficult physically to shovel all that snow. I just got in and my cheeks are cold and red and i am happy.

I will have my gift wrapping done, play some old Bing Crosby christmas songs, maybe bake some x-mas cookies and knit those last minutes gifts. A busy schedule, meaning i won't get to bed 'til very late at night.

To me, the last few days before christmas are the most exciting ! Everything is so beautiful and magical .
I wanted to share with you a little bit of my life here and of my home all ready for christmas.

Before i leave , i want to wish every one the most beautiful and happy Christmas. I hope you will all spend a loving moment with all your loved ones, and for those travelling, be careful on the roads and have a safe journey.

* Merry Merry Christmas to all *

3 commentaires:

marit a dit…

I'm so glad your hubby will make it home for the holidays:-)
I envy you the's only raining around here! We live so close to the NorthSea, and the gulfstream, and on the "wrong" side of the mountains, so we get mostly rain and very little snow.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!!

Grip dagen a dit…

Hello! Thank you for the Christmas greeting you sent to my blog!
How nice to hear from a girl so far away! Quebec... My, oh my...

You house look like a x-mas card! So much snow! Lucky you.
If you could read Norwegian, you could see that I love to play in the snow, too. Especially when we have snow AND wind! Then I cannot sit still. I have to go out and enjoy the weather!

Today we are going to our cottage. We will celebrate Christmas there. It will be great!
Come back to my blog some days after x-mas, and you can see pictures from our cottage!

Hope you will get your man safely home, and that you will have a lovely Christmas!
Love from Marit

Wanda a dit…

Hello again. I am so glad your hubby got to come home to you when you wanted. I have been wondering if it was so. I hope you will stop by again and leave me a hello. TTFN