vendredi 7 mars 2008

Sockamania winner !

I could not beleive my eyes ! I needed to take a little coffee break late afternoon yesterday and decided to surf on the net for a little while. Supper could wait , i had a big day and i felt tired. I like to check on the sockamania blog on a regular basis, read members comments and admire the beautiful socks they knit. My eyes set on the first post, it was a new one i had not read yet. It took me a while to realise i was reading the title. " And the winner is................." Oh, I had almost forgotten about the draw ! ( How can i forget that ??!?) My eyes read on, more rapidly, i felt so excited ! I wanted to know who was the lucky winner. Could not be me, never even thought i could win the first time...But there it was, clearly written......blueberries in the fields. I was astounded ! I thought i had read wrong. I had to read again and one more time...What ?!? I won ? Me ??? Can't be ?!? Must be a mistake...Look carefully...My God, it's really me ! I WON !!!!! I DID, I DID WON !!!! I was so excited, so happy and still could not believe my eyes ! I never win in any draw i participate. So this was really an unexpected surprise. I almost felt bad for the others who were hoping to be the chosen ones . I already made my choice of yarn. It is pure cashmere lace named sea blue. The founder of sockamania, Annie has an etsy shop and she gives the winner the opportunity to chose one skein of her luxurious yarn she sells in her shop. I do not know yet what project i will realise, but it has to be something special, something i will love to wear. Thanks Annie !

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