mardi 4 mars 2008

The month of march started with another snowstorm and i think it affected people's mood a lot this time. Winter this year has been very harsh and very snowy. I do not reckon having seen winters with such big snowbanks. I have several birdfeeders in my backyard and during the summer i have to climb on a chair to fill them up. Now i have to bend down and it makes me laugh. Although i seriously think this is not a funny thing. I heard it is going to take until May for all the snow to melt. I try not to think about it and hope that mother nature will kinder and bring us warmer days so the snow can melt quickly. I have positive feelings about this, it even rained this morning and i can smell the first trace of spring season. I have to admit though that Eastter will be celebrated in the snow...No egg hunting this spring. I think we will be able to rejoice when we see the first robin. To me it is the first REAL sign of spring. We just need a little patience, spring is on it's way, only 16 more days !!! In the meantime, i must continue with my sewing and there is this march pattern coming for the sockamania knitalong ! All this will keep me too busy to feel depressed.

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Pearl a dit…

Beautiful bird pictures, how lovely.