vendredi 1 février 2008

A new month !

At last, January is behind us and a new month begins. January has been particurlarly cold here in Quebec and people ( including me ) are having the winter blues. As I sit here, typing and sipping my hot coffee, i look at the grey sky outside waiting for the storm to hit. Yep, another one is on it's way and i am very glad i do not need to go out. I am feeling much comfortable inside with my pyjamas still on (well, it's only 9:20am) and listening to the roaring of the fire in the woodstove. The wind has picked up and the snow will be blowing in no time. I do enjoy snowstorms, as long as i do not have to drive somewhere. I would rather stay home, bake some cookies, knit or sew, enjoying the view outside. I feel like knitting, i have 3 projects on the needles so far and the 4th is coming soon ! Yes ! It's the 1st of the month and i do hope i will receive my sock pattern from sockamania today. I have been checking my mail for the past few days in the hope that i would get my pattern before the end of the month. I know, i can't sit still, when i want something i get very impatient. I bought several balls of fabel yarn from garnstudio and i will probably knit my first pair with one of the colors i bought. Well, it would be unwise not to use any of this soft yarn and buy something else. Before i start knitting those socks, i have to finish my fan and feather comfort shawl which is almost done. ( at last ! )I have only eight rows to go and i just can't wait to see the finishing results ! I will post it next week for you to see. Last wednesday i went to a yarn shop and bought some yarn to knit 2 patterns i fell in love with in a french knit magazine i bought a couple of weeks ago. There are a lot of great patterns and i want to try them all ! My first choices were arm warmers and a hat and scarf. The hat and scarf come as a one piece set (knit together) and it is absolutely lovely. I bought the same yarn the pattern recommends and i love its softness. I will be posting some pictures next week of my work in progress. Today i must ABSOLUTELY sew all the dolls bodies i have been cutting yesterday. I decided to make more raggedy anns ( like the one who was on the Storque spotlight on etsy ) but with an easter bunny costume. I have it all in my head and i think they will be A-DO-RA-BLE !!! I am not tellling anymore, i have to keep it a secret until i post my new dolls up for sale in my etsy shop. There will be more than just raggedies so don't forget to keep an eye open. Should have them ready in a couple of weeks. Ok, i guess work is calling me. if i want to finnish knitting my shawl and continue on my other knitting projects, i 'd better go do my sewing before.

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Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour, désolé de ne pas avoir vu votre commentaire plus tôt. Alors mon magasin de laine fétiche est situé à Montréal sur la plaza Saint-Hubert et se nomme l'Effiloché. Pour plus d'informations vous pouvez aller sur ce site :

P.S Moi aussi j'ai hâte à l'été!!

blueberries in the fields a dit…

:) merci petite fille ! Je vais sûrement aller faire un tour un jour et ruiner mon porte feuille !
Bon tricot et vivement l'été. C'est pas la chaleur estivale qui m'arrêtera de tricoter de belles choses.