mardi 29 janvier 2008

On the spotlight !

I have been creating new doll ideas to sew so i can put them up for sale on my etsy shop. I haven't done much in january and i had to push myself to work because i am neglecting everything. I think i have the winter blues. Winters are much too long here and the past week has been very cold. I am starting to long for spring to come. But i know, i have to be patient because spring won't be here for another two months. So i guess i have to take advantage of the cold weather and work in my studio as much as possible. I know too well that when spring is here and the flowers start to grow, i will spend most of my time in my garden. Today i had a good news. I was surfing on etsy and and saw to my surprise and article on Storque with a picture of one of my dolls ! Yes ! the article's title " a very rustic valentine's day " suggest handmade rustic items from different artists. There are different artists featured in the article and that is great for everybody, but the great thing is, they chose one of my raggedies as the fronty page! I am so happy and proud ! Ok, now that means that i have to work even harder and offer more beautiful dolls and other stuff. So gotta go to work ! Gosh, so many things i want to do !

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Congrats ..Thank You for posting favorites on my flickr..the cupcake scrabble charm I have not posted yet!

blueberries in the fields a dit…

Thanks for visiting my blog and i need to tell you i just love your creations ! You are a true artist !I will keep looking your flikr page and admiring your work and surley posting losts more in my favs !