mercredi 9 janvier 2008

going back to the " normal life "

Christmas is finally and sadly over. With a little reluctance, I decided to take the christmas tree down this monday. I always disliked this time of year, where we have to shake ourselves up and go back to the normal life. This christmas was particurlarly special, because my daughter Geneviève ( Visit her Etsy shop ! ) came home for the holidays. She left us last year to study art history in Brussels, Belgium. We had not seen her in more than a whole year. So having her with us was a celebration ! Time flew by so rapidly, she is already gone and the house felt so empty after her departure. I find consolation with the internet. This is such a fabulous invention ! I can see her on a regular basis with the computer cam and talk to her as long as I wish without ruining myself. Parents in years past were not so lucky. Telephone and the postal service was the only communication.
I just opened my Etsy shop yesterday. It was something I wanted to do for quite a while, but I had been so busy 'til now. I have several dolls for sale at the moment, but I have other ideas other than dolls I want to put in my shop. I am so excited about all the projects I have in mind, I just don't know where to start. I guess I will have to write down a wish list and do the things I prefer the most first. I will keep you posted of all the new stuff I will be adding in my shop.

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