vendredi 11 janvier 2008

cocooning on a freezy rainy day

I know i should be working on some new ideas to put up for sale in my Etsy shop, but today, with this freezing rain and gloomy day, I just feel the urge to sit by the fire and knit. It is sad to see all this rain pouring and melting all the lovely snow away. We were hit by a big storm just before christmas and it was really wonderful ! I went cross country skiing last saturday and it was breathtaking ! There was a gentle snow falling on my cheeks and everything was so silent, so still, so perfect. The scenery has a very different mood now. Rather depressing. I am hoping for another snow storm so i can go back skiing again. But for the time being, this bad weather calls for cocooning near the fire. I love sitting on my comfy chair near the wood stove and watch the dancing flames as i knit contentedly. I am actually working on my fan and feather comfort shawl, which i hope will be done soon. I am using a self striping yarn I bought at a very cheap price, but it does the job. I did not want to invest too much as this is my very first shawl and i am still very novice. If i feel brave enough to knit a second one, i will chose a more luscious yarn. By th way, i just received a new stah of yarn through the mail. I bought it from an Ebay seller and the price was really really good. The yarn is buenalana from Uruguay. It is not dyed and that is just perfect because i intend to do it myself. I found on knitty how to dye natural fibers with kool aid ! I can't wait to give it a try and see the results. Well, well, i think it is time to go back to my knitting and perhaps thinking of exchanging my pyjamas i am still wearing ( it is 2pm ) for a pair of jeans. I should be ashamed, what a lazy girl !
Happy knitting to all knitter addicts !

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