jeudi 6 juin 2013

Busy as a little bee

 When i was recovering from my surgery this past winter, i made myself a wonderfully soft ripple blanket. A dear friend of mine made one too and calls it her comfort blanket. This picture you see here is not the one. Shame on me, must not forget to show you next time. This one here is being listed in my shop. Rippling can get so addictive. So much so that as soon as i finished my first ripple blanket, i made another one. It is a bit smaller, but so colorfull and comfy. I am actually making another one that i will keep for myself ( i am very sellfish you see ) and take it with me when we go sailing or when i need to cuddle up when we make campfires on summer nights.
 Crochet and knitting is usually reserved for evenings while watching TV and during the day, when it is cold and raining ( like today ) i love to sew and make new projects for my shop. Yesterday ( another cold and grey day ) i decided to go through my fabric scrap basket, wondering what new pretties i could do. In the past, i made many little fabric houses and they are so fun to make. So i started making one and another and another and the day went on and i realized i had been very productive. Seven sweet little fabric houses are now listed in my shop.  And to make them even more special, i filled each little houses with a couple teaspoon of dried lavender. Not only do they look pretty, but they smell heavenly.
 Bunting is also a favorite of mine and i will be making more soon.
 This is also a tote i made for my shop. The fabric is a heavy canvas and so beautiful Do take a peek in my shop if you wish to see more. I have spent most of the day sewing, stuffing my fabric houses, taking picture and listing them. I have been so busy that i forgot to feed my belly...Who is making strange noise at this time. So a little break ( tea and a sandwich ) is well deserved i would say...and maybe some crochet ?
Hope your day is good too ♥

7 commentaires:

WinnibriggsHouse a dit…

I adore those little houses. Such lovely fabrics. You have been very busy indeed.

andrea creates a dit…

cute little houses!
everything is so pretty :)

moonstruckcreations a dit…

So many beautiful things. Love them all!

I have never tried rippling yet, it is on my to-do list.


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