mercredi 20 mars 2013

Jumping for joy !

Hello there ! I am just passing by in a flash ! I am so happy, i just had to share this news with all of you ! Yesterday, i had my first visit to the doctor since my surgery ( to learn more, read story below )  I was a bit nervous, because he was to tell me about the analysis of my cancer. The news could not have been better. My body is healed and healthy... I was so happy, i think i had this stupid smile printed on my face for the rest of the day.  I am releived, happy, joyfull, thankfull and blessed. This is a New beginning for me... I am free !!! 

do not forget ! my giveaway is still open to all of you ! ♥

9 commentaires:

Rodi a dit…

This is the most wonderful news, dearest Monique! I'm so happy for you! And I love the photo, it's just perfect for this joyful post!


Paula a dit…

Sweet Monique! This is the most wonderful news dear friend!!! I am so very, very happy for you!!!! Praise the Lord you are cancer free and that your body is healed and healthy! I am relieved, happy, joyful and thankful for you too! God bless you sweetheart! I love you and send you a big hug! Paula xoxo

Ahama a dit…

Best news, I'm happy to read this. Wish you a happy, carefree, healthy sunny spring!

Becky J. a dit…

i am sure you would jump as high as the sweet girl in the photo if you could! congrats on being free. I am excited to see what the new freedom does in your designs too :)

NinaMe a dit…

Congratulation!!! I'm so glad to read this. :)

andrea creates a dit…

how didn't i see this 'til now? that's great news!!
take care~

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