mercredi 6 février 2013

I seem to apologize each time i decide to write a new post. My blog is being neglected, i know and there isn't much i can say about that. 2012 was a difficult time for my family and now, with the New Year, i was hoping things would get better. My husband is finally able to work, although his back is not entirely healed. Sadly for him, he lost his mom on January 28th. She had been sick for many years and things got worst in the fall. It is a sad lost, but she no longer suffers and we try to keep good memories of her. She will be forever in our hearts.
Last november, i went for a biopsy ( dunno if this is the right word in english ) on my uterus. My gynecologist called me after the christmas holidays, urging me to come see her at once. I had this little scary feeling something was wrong. She told me i had cancer cells in my uterus, that i needed surgery. They would take the whole uterus out of my body... I cried and panicked. The first week, i just kept shivering and could not find sleep...I was devastated by such horrible news...To make the story short, i met with the gynecologist who is going to take care of me and felt reassured. My surgery will be on the 13th of this month. I was told this cancer is easily treated...I don't know what else to say...I guess i just needed to let people know why i am neglecting my blog. I do hope that once the surgery is done, all will be fine. It will take some time before i get back to a normal life, but i have to be positive. I know i can beat this thing...i am surrounded with so much love, i feel blessed....
Will keep you posted.... xoxo

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purple24 a dit…

Here is a great big (((HUG))) for you and your family. Take care of yourseld and I pray that the surgery is successful. I know what you are feeling right now because I have simular news and it involves my thyroid.

andrea creates a dit…

oh my goodness-big hugs and've had a very trying year!
take care!! :)

LilyRibbons a dit…

Sorry to hear all your news :(

Positive thoughts for you in the next weeks. My mum just got through bladder Cancer - It was a horrible time but she got through it and so will you.

Thoughts are with you xxx

Casey a dit…

I'm so sorry for all you are going through right now, I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

Paula a dit…

My dearest, sweet Monique, I am so sorry that you and your dear ones have been through so much and that your husband lost his mom! I am glad she is no longer suffering, but I know you both miss her terribly. I pray your husband's back continues to heal! Sweetheart, I am heartbroken to here you have cancer cells in your uterus! I am praying for you sweetie and I know you will beat this!!! Yes!!! Keep positive!!!! I know it is hard, but it helps so much! Sweetie, I know you are so scared, but I was happy to read that the doctor that will be caring for you made you feel better. That is so important. I will be praying for you! Take the best care of yourself and know that you are so very loved and God will carry you through this! I love you dear friend! xoxo Paula

NinaMe a dit…

Oh... you make wonderful dolls. I realy love them.
That is unfair. Wish you to come over this thing as easily as possible.

Wasabi Honey Bee a dit…

Oh my goodness, that is such a HUGE thing for you to be going through!!!! I hope you are feeling okay and I will keep tons of good thoughts going your way!!!!

Big Hugs,

Rodi a dit…

Oh, dear Monique, I'm so sorry you have to go through this, but my heart is light right now so I know everything will be alright. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hope your recovery will be speedy and you will go back to creating your lovely things in no time. But take your time to rest and take care of yourself, as health is the most important thing. We will be here waiting to hear from you whenever you can come back to blogging.

I'm sending many, many hugs and positive thoughts your way. Things can only go up from now on!


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