mardi 13 novembre 2012

Oh my....Is it just me or time is flying by too fast ?  I know this is not the first time i am saying this, but i feel really bad to see how i am neglecting my blog and my dear friend readers. My husband has been home for 6 months now and i do not beleive he will be back to work before the christmas holidays. He's been seeing so many specialist, doctors, ect., but  i cannot say he is  feeling better. His back  improved a tiny bit, but he still feels pain. I feel helpless, wish i could do magic and heal his health issues. But all i can offer him is love and support.
His days gets a little more boring as the weather here is getting colder. Too cold to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air . So he spends many hours surfing on the web, leaving me with not much time to come here and blog. The little time i can get my hands on the computer are spent on my etsy and promoting on Facebook.

I do miss visiting you all and hope to get the chance to come say hello sometime soon in the near future. Now i must get back to my knitting. Christmas is not that far away, so lots of kniting to do. Homemade gifts are the best !

Love to all xxx

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Lorraine Young Pottery a dit…

I have a bad back too so I do understand your husbands situation.
I have found Pilates helps, this is not the aerobic kind, this is the kind that used a piece of equipment called a reformer. It is a fantastic device that strengthens the stomach muscles and so creates a kind of inner strength which takes the pressure off of the back from supporting a persons weight. The muscles when strong also keep everything aligned. He/you might want to look into places nearby that might have that equipment and someone who can give lessons on it. You/he must learn how to use it correctly and have an instructor. Of course this costs money, but if you have it can really help! The equipment was originally designed for dancers and others who were injured.

x Lorraine x

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