vendredi 27 juillet 2012

Fresh news...

 I am feeling a little ashamed of myself.  I need to let you all konw i have not forgotten about you and as soon as i can, i will announce the winner of my giveaway. Hubby stopped working on June 27th because of severe back problems and i do not think he will be back to work until september. He can move around and do little house chores, but being a linemen, he cannot work, it is too physical. Hubby is being treated and i am hopeful he will feel better soon. It saddens me to see him like that, but there isn't much i can do, except giving him support and love.

 Having my man home full time doesn't leave me much free time to escape in my studio and create as much as i would love to. I managed to do a few things, but my fingers are itiching badly to do more.  We do go sailing sometimes and while we are there for a couple days, i bring some knitting or crochet, so i do not miss home too much. Spending more time with hubby is quality time and i must make the most of it. We do get along so well, so it is nice having him with me. I just miss being all by myself once in a while. I am a big loner.

 The summer season here is simply beautiful! It has been very hot and sunny for a whole month. No rain. The grass suffered badly and we are not allowed to water our plants everyday. But they manage and grow beautifully. My sunflowers are happy with the weather. And we do spend a lot of time swimming and having fun in the pool. Summer is such a short season here, we have to be thankful with this abundance of sun and hot weather.
I do hope your summer is wonderful too and that you are enjoying every moment. I will come next week and announce the winner of my giveaway. And so that you all forgive me for taking so long, i will include a little extra surprise
See you soon my friends ♥

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moonflower20 a dit…

I love all your new creations, Monique! Everything is so pretty!

I'm sorry about your husband's bad back, and hope he will get well real soon. I know what you meant to have more time with your loved one.

I do love that beautiful Sunflower! Enjoy your beautiful summer, my dear friend! ♥

Devon a dit…

I love what you have done,,and I am sorry for you hubbys back and will pray for a quick recovery,,I am also a loner,,love love love being by myself..your sunflowers are beautiful..hang in there you will get back into your studio soon..

Madeleine Petite a dit…

Hope your man will feel better soon. Take care...

Wasabi Honey Bee a dit…

Happy summer to you!!! i hope your husband feels better soon!!!!!

Happybee a dit…

welcome back Monique!!!!!
I hope your husband will get better soon and in the can spend lot of time together!!!!
Enjoy your summer then!!!!
Love, Dany

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM a dit…

Hello Monique...Such a pretty post...I do love these colours! All your makes are beautiful.
I hope hubby is much better soon...back problems can be so painful and frustrating, can't they?
Hope you are having a good week in the sunshine,
Susan x

sattakingplaybazaar a dit…

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