jeudi 17 mai 2012

 I know i haven't been around much for the past two months, but at least, you will see it was not because i was lazy. ^_^  I think there should be at least 48 hours in a day. That way, i could accomplish maybe half of all the things i wish to do... These are a few of the things i did lately and that you can  find in my shop...
 Summer totes made with a mix of old and new fabrics...What i mean by old is vintage bed linens. I love creating things with vintage fabrics. It gives them a new life, which, to my point of view, is a good way to recycle.
 A granny shawl, i crocheted in April while watching TV by hubby's side. He loves when i sit with him. :-)
 I bought some gorgeous fabric recently and made some drawstring bags. They are really lovely and practical, but most of all, it adds a gentle feminine touch to a home decor.
 And finally...Little Miss Ema Muffinpie. She is the first of my new summer collection. More will come shortly.
Hope you enjoyed looking. If your ♥ is melting for something, just click on my shop link.
Ok now, off to fix supper before hubby comes back from work... Spaguethi with garlic bread tonight. ( yes Anna, copied you on the garlic bread ) May be not as good as Anna's or should i say her hubby's fabulous macaroni à la fromage, but delicious nevertheless. :-)
Enjoy your evening all ! xoxoxo

7 commentaires:

andrea creates a dit…

you have been busy! Cute muffinpie and bags :-)

Happybee a dit…

Hello Monique!!!!!
welcome back!!! really we so busy making wonderful things!!!!!!
I love the colors you chose for your crochet and the totes are adorable!!!!!!
You know...I love all what you make!!!
Have a wonderful week end!!!
hugs, Dany

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM a dit…

Lovely, pretty makes Monique...I love everything!
Hope you have a happy weekend,
Susan x

lillalotta a dit…

Oh dear Monique, do enjoy a lovely meal tonight! ♥ We so enjoyed ours.
And I am loving all your photos of wonderfulness!
Sending hugs xxxxx

Wasabi Honey Bee a dit…

Love, love love it all!!! and yes I so agree, I think tha tll the time… Longer days please and endless energy : )

Craftycreate a dit…

I love everything.

K @ Aurora Blythe a dit…

Oh you have not been lazy at all! These makes are part of what makes your blog such a lovely place to visit. I have an award for you - the One Lovely Blog award - if you do that sort of thing. If you don't, no worries. Just know I thought of you ;-)