vendredi 17 février 2012

Winter Sale

Spring is in the air, well even if for us in Quebec, Canada, we still have at least a month before we can see a difference. That is the usual winter that we have. Although, i must say that february has been somewhat mild. Much milder than usual. And we do not have that much snow either. Maybe Mother Nature is playing games with us, maybe we will end up having another big snow storm before the end of winter. We are used to having such surprises. 
For the past week, my fingers have been feeling itchy for doing some spring themed projects. I want to make some cheery curtains for my studio, i want to make some summer flowery totes and romantic scarves in spring colors. 
I just did a bit of a clean up in my shop   I am having a big winter sale.  Just click on the link and look for the" winter sale " section .
Wishing you all a wonderful week end ♥