mercredi 26 octobre 2011

 The weather is changing rapidly in my country and i know it will probably snow very shortly. I woke up this morning looking out to a grey chilly day and thought to myself " this is it! I MUST plant my tulips now. "
So i put on my warm jacket, old boots and out i went. It ook me a little more than an hour to plant over 70 bulbs.  Satisfied, having completed my mission, i thought i deserved a good cuppa tea and some crochet time.

               I will be dreaming all winter, wondering what surprise my tulips will bring to me.

8 commentaires:

TIKA a dit…

I'm looking forward for pics of your blooming garden :)
I did that about 20 days ago and I will be dreaming whole winter too ;)

Ulla V. a dit…

That hour of work will give you 100 times the joy and beauty back when early spring decides to come back. :))
Tulips are my favourite flowers - the shapes, the colours and the crisp sound of a lovely bunch of new Tulips. I love it all.

Sadly I'm too bad at getting my bulbs in the soil, and I regret it every time I see everone else's Tulips popping up.

But this time - thanks to you - I will buy new ones to plant outside my kitchen window. :))

Have a lovely weekend and take good care.
Ulla xx

andrea creates a dit…

wow,that's a lot of tulips!

Wasabi Honey Bee a dit…

What a fun!! And how amazing it will look when they all bloom : )

Rodi a dit…

That sounds like a lovely activity, even on a chilly day! Ah, the thought of blooming tulips... it will be so pretty next spring!


bears footprints a dit…

you have been busy i look forward in seeing your hard work in the spring x

Happybee a dit…

it will be so nice to dream for all the winter and see what spring will bring!!!!!!
I'm fine Monique, thanks so much for your toughts, where I live no water disasters at all...
Happy week end!!!!

Grace Garton a dit…

I love it too...and hoping this winter to do the same in my new environment...although winter never seems to leave Tasmania for long...which is great for knitting and crocheting!

Such wonderful yarn you are using!

Beautiful photo's from France.