jeudi 4 août 2011

Sunshine and color

 I am enjoying the wonderful days of our short summer. i roam in my garden and smile with delight over the burst of colors.
I almost thought i had lost this pot of annuals as i came back from my little sailing get away. The poor thiing was all dried up. I chopped it, fed it and with lots of watering, she is blooming again !
                           I bought this gorgeous peony daylily last week Isn't she dainty ?
                       Willl i be sailing again this week end ? Oh, the joy of being barefoot!

3 commentaires:

Wasabi Honey Bee a dit…

Summer flowers are the best!!

FriolinaFancyDesigns a dit…

Lovely flowers, one of the best things about summer are the beautiful flowers.

Happybee a dit…

lovely pics!!!!!