jeudi 18 août 2011

sailing and crochet

 Summer is nearing to it's end, i can feel it in the air even if we still have warm and sunny days. Hubby and i were spending several days at the boat last week end and we had a wonderful time doing a little sailing and swimming in the lake. Monday, as you can see, was grey, windy and a bit on the chilly side. I loved sitting on the dock, working on my giant granny blanket, admiring the view, watching the flock of ducks and and the heron couple flying close by. Autumn is almost here and i am already feeling the nostalgy of long lazy summer days.
I am almost done with my blanket and i just love the wonderful colors. It is big and heavy and feels super cozy. I will be posting next week with some new pictures. In the meantime, i must start packing ang get ready for a new week end of sailing....and crocheting a new project ?

                        ♥ Wishing you all a most beautiful sunny week end  ♥

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Unknown a dit…

what a beautifuly!

Heather a dit…

oh that blanket is just GORGEOUS!!!! enjoy your sail...

Ashley a dit…

That sounds like the most perfect way to spend your time! I would have loved to have been tere myself, admiring the lovely view! The blanket looks gorgeous, love the colours that you've used..

Ashley xxx

Anonyme a dit…

B E A U T I F U L Monique, and I love the photos you took of it as well!! What a beautiful cozy blanket to make. Will you be keeping it? or will you give it to one of your daughters??

xxx Rena

moonflower20 a dit…

What a perfect way to spend the weekend, Monique! That blanket is beautiful! I can imagine how much satisfaction and fun you will get in using it! Have another lovely weekend sailing, my dear friend! xox

Rodi a dit…

Monique, the picture with the boat and the colorful blanket is just dreamy! And the weather works just perfect. I just love cloudy skies, hehe. Perfect weather for a cozy blanket!

Have fun finishing the blanket! What an accomplishment!!


Happybee a dit…

Hello Monique! sounds soooo relaxing crocheting near the sea...I loooove the pics you posted already know...I'm in love with your blanket!!!
You are inspiring me to make one too!!!!
Thanks about the suggestions about the yogurt, I'm going to search it!!!!!

Wasabi Honey Bee a dit…

Such a wonderful blanket. I love it!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

.. just typed my comment and whoops... it disappeared.
Your granny blanket is BEAUTIFUL my friend. The colors make me happy and to think of the work you put in there.. bring on Fall, you are ready for it. But do enjoy these long lazy Summer days first sweet Monique.
It is still early Sunday morning here and we are expecting a warm and sunny day, will be in the garden most of the day.
Love for a sweet sweet Sunday xxxx

jacqueline a dit…

Dearest sweet Monique, wow it's so beautiful and huge! I am really LOVING the gorgeous colors lots!! Have a lovely merry happy week and a beautiful tuesday! Love to yoU!

Sandra (Cherry Heart) a dit…

I absolutely adore the colours you've used in this blanket, so wonderful. I love the setting for the photos too, they really make the colours come alive. Wow, I'm jealous (in a good way!) You asked a question on my blog about my Etole Fleurs wrap (ages ago) and I'm finally here to let you know if was Debbie Bliss 'Andes' yarn that I used. I'll update my blog too. Thanks for popping to see me and I hope you come by again. I'm definitely going to keep tabs on you too! ♥

S x

Castles Crowns and Cottages a dit…


Thank you for visiting me today. It is always so nice to meet new people and visit their blogs. Life is a bit crazy for me at the moment as I started school. I will always be posting, but I bear with me, I have to get used to my school routine again!!!!! LOVELY CROCHET PROJECT!! Anita


Hello Moinique

Your Blanket is BEAUTIFUL and colourful...great to snuggle up with