mercredi 29 juin 2011

summer time

 It's been a while since my last visit here. My life has been like a whirlwind and i have to admit i am feeling over tired. Hubby and i are leaving friday for a week of sailing and although i feel a bit sad to leave home, this little vacation is going to do me good. We are heading to Brockville, a lovely town in Ontario. We will be staying at the municipal marina and will spend our days swimming, going for bicycle rides, eating fish and chips, and rest,rest. I am bringing some books and magazines to read and of course, yarn, yarn, to do some crochet or knitting.
 Here are some pictures of things i have been doing for a craft event, which, by the way, turned out to be a total disaster. I just felt out of place, even the people passed by booth without even glancing.I seriously wondered if  people were either blind, or maybe i was just invisible...I felt sad, but at least i know i am not going back there. I listed some of the things you see here in my shop today  and i already sold 2 items !
What a relief. My shop has been very, very quiet for the past month. I was starting to worry a bit. These 2 sales cheered me up a bit, i must admit. Well, well, i will not linger here too long, as i have to go fix dinner. I just wanted to pop in and let you know i was still alive. Seems like everytime i come here is simply to let you know i am not dead yet.
I miss taking the time to visit your lovely blogs, will do so when i come back. I want to take some time off and  enjoy  our summer, which is so short here. Of course, I will still work in my sewing room, gotta keep that etsy shop rollin' . I just want to slow down a bit. I need to recharge my batteries.
Hope your week is lovely ♥

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andrea creates a dit…

congrats on your sales!
things have been super slow for me too-i just keep plugging along...
don't get discouraged with the show-some shows are just like that...then the next one does really well.have a fun vacation!

francis a dit…

I love all the beautiful things you made / make .
I wish it was me who walked by I would have bought a lot !
Take a look at my my blog I am having a SURPRISE( other word for give-away ) because I have 100 followers and I am one year blogging .
Have a wonderful summer and hope summer inspires you !

winterludes a dit…

repose-toi bien et profite de ces vacances pour créer plein de nouvelles merveilles (et faire le plein en vitamine d2:)). xxx

Unknown a dit…

Quel dommage pour ton expo! Mais au moins tant mieux pour tes ventes sur Etsy! :-) Je crois que c'est une période très calme justement, car rien vendu depuis longtemps moi non plus...Mais bon, ça me laisse du temps pour renouveler la boutique! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

salty pebble a dit…

beautiful images, love the colours on the crochet blanket.
and the bunting is very pretty.
enjoy your vacation xxxx

Scented Sweetpeas a dit…

Yes, I think they must have all been blind! Have a wonderful break and I hope my parcel arrives before you leave so you can enjoy that magazine whilst you are away. xxx

jane a dit…

I can't beleive people walked past your beautiful things! I have done fairs like that..sometimes it's just not the right place. Your shop is so lovely and the things you make are lovely:)
Have a lovely break x x x x x x x
ps so glad you love your bag, am making some more this week and that has cheered me on :) :)

Diane Duda a dit…

Things are slow in my shop too. Plus you all had the postal strike also to make things worse, right?
Everything in your shop is just lovely so I'm sure things will be picking up again soon.
Enjoy your vacation! :)

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

I spy with my little eye a bunch of gorgeous totes! You used perfectly romantic fabrics sweet friend. All your works cheer my up, Monique!
Have a restful Summer xoxoxoxo

Rodi a dit…

I'm sorry the show you worked for so hard turned out to be a disappointment :( But nothing is lost, you will sell them on etsy for sure! It's been slow for me too, summer is a slower season, I guess. But at least when the sales will pick up, we will have full shops :)

I wish you the best time on your sea vacation! It will be wonderful, I'm sure, and well deserved! And you will come home with full batteries :D


Casey a dit…

I'm sorry your craft sale experience wasn't a good one but I'm glad you've made some online sales!

Have fun on your trip in Ontario, we had planned on heading out that way this week because I loved Canada Day out there last year but it didn't happen, we'll be going there in August though

Becky J. a dit…

craft booths are tough sometimes. finiky people. good thing we enjoy what we do and keep doing it.

Mélie a dit…

Bonnes vacances !

Happybee a dit…

your work is really always so lovely so people is just crazy to do not watch you at the fair!!!!
Bonne vacances and...see you soon!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Oh! i just love those blankets hanging on your line! They are so beautiful and so sweet. It is my goal to make one for my daughter's birthday before October!!

Enjoying your blog!

Anonyme a dit…

Of course you can join ! You're welcome between us :)
Your blog is wonderful...I'm gonna add it to my reader list ;)
Have a great evening!